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Atlas health home will meet you in July, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) 2017 will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 8 to 11. Atlas health home will bring the latest R & D series of new products to meet you at booth 9.2-14 in zone B, share this grand event and discuss the future road of customized home

enterprise strength:

eatley brand was founded in 2003 and registered in Germany in 2005. It is the world's home health standard setter and protector. Headquartered in Guangzhou, eatley China has a production base of 30000 square meters in Guangzhou and 60000 square meters in Guangxi. It is a home furnishing enterprise integrating home furnishing research and development, production, sales, installation and service. At present, there are 500 + franchised stores nationwide. Eatley dares to promise that "the plates are not environmentally friendly and will be returned free of charge", "manufactured by the original factory, 100000 yuan will be compensated for each fake", "5-year warranty, lifelong service"

over the past 14 years, with the mission of "making human beings live in a healthy, long-lived and happy life", eatley has focused on the field of customized healthy home, and has made in-depth exploration, design and research and development. Finally, it has developed ten core technology products, such as mold proof antibacterial board and frank offline, and created nine health systems for home health exclusively

with customized healthy furniture such as healthy wardrobe, bookcase and wine cabinet as its core products, eatley provides customers with professional healthy home whole room space solutions, integrating thousands of home style series such as fashion and classics to meet consumers' requirements for home safety, health and fashion

launch of new products

atlas has launched a new customized series of new products for the whole house, as well as supporting new home supporting products such as Atlas wooden door, Atlas mattress, Atlas leather sofa, saiyaji smart lock, officially announcing the era of big home! In July 2017, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) eatley will continue to launch several new health series and new health home accessories. Please look forward to it

service team

eatley has a professional new business service team, professional 4S design team, marketing management team and after-sales service team to provide comprehensive marketing skills and store operation management guidance for franchisees, and provide high-level design solutions and high-quality services for consumers

favorable policies

under the guiding ideology of the "one belt and one road, one hundred cities and one thousand stores" big business plan, new businesses will enjoy the policy of "0 yuan for sample, free to join". Eatray will fully realize the company's electronic management and digital marketing. Eatray will also provide active marketing assistance, new store services, preferential policies to help and escort dealers. Through the innovative nine profit business models and the first "1230" operation model, eatray will build differentiated competitiveness and escort dealers' profits

eatley is the representative of healthy home furnishing and has an extraordinary influence in the customized home furnishing industry! Every exhibition has received warm attention and high praise from domestic and foreign consumers! At this CCPIT International Expo, Atlas will continue to promote the concept of healthy life and the concept of environmental protection and health at home, and deliver truly environmentally friendly, healthy and humanized products to thousands of households

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