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Summer vacation is coming, and the next two months will be the happiest time for children, but also the time for parents to worry most. In these days, how to ensure the safety of children at home is a problem that every parent must face

5-year-old child

climbed the window and fell down and got stuck in his neck

recently, an incident occurred in a community in yidunjun's hometown. At noon on July 1, the troublesome son of Aunt Wang, the neighbor, moved a stool and climbed onto the anti-theft net in the living room to play. As a result, his feet were accidentally stepped empty and his neck was stuck on the anti-theft net

this 5-year-old bear child suddenly burst into tears, causing the attention of the downstairs neighbors. They helped one after another. A young man climbed up the anti-theft net downstairs of Aunt Wang and held the child high; Several middle-aged aunts walked up to Aunt Wang's house and kept patting the door

about a quarter of an hour later, Aunt Wang, who was busy in the kitchen, opened the door. From the gossip of several aunts, Aunt Wang knew that something had happened to her son. When she took the crying child from her neighbor, she immediately burst into tears, hugging the child and crying, while apologizing to the child

at this time, several aunts around Aunt Wang talked one after another. Some people say that Aunt Wang should not leave her child alone in the living room. A 5-year-old child has to be watched all the time; Some people say that Aunt Wang is not easy. Her husband works outside all year round, and her father-in-law and mother-in-law don't live together, so it's impossible to keep an eye on her children all the time

Aunt Wang's inner feelings are mixed. On the one hand, her heart is full of self reproach for herself. She is duty bound to take care of her child if her child is injured; On the other hand, she felt very wronged in her heart. When the child grew up, she was as naughty as a monkey. She couldn't do nothing. Would she stare at it 24 hours a day

the alarm bell keeps ringing

when does the tragedy of children falling from a building stop

in fact, this kind of tragedy that parents' neglect of care causes children to have accidents happens constantly every day, which has brought harm and cast a shadow on countless families

according to statistics, between 2010 and 2015, China's average annual death rate of about 55000 young children aged 0-19 years old due to accidents is equivalent to 150 young children die every year

nearly half of them died of accidents. The three major causes of their death are drowning, road traffic accidents and falling from a building

among these young children who fell and died, children aged 3-6 are the main group

children falling from a building has always been a very serious social problem. When you use "children falling from a building" as the keyword to search, these search results are shocking. The tragedy of children falling from a building, so densely staged, once again sounded an alarm to society and every parent

safety doors and windows

give children a safety barrier

doors and windows have always been the weakest link in the peripheral buildings of home. How to prevent children from falling off a building, we must start from the source and give children a safety barrier, which can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of these tragedies

as early as 2010, Yidun doors and windows pioneered the "removable door and window safety grid" that obtained the national patent right, which successfully resolved the crisis of children climbing windows and falling from buildings. Once the product was launched, it caused great repercussions in the door and window market, was sought after by consumers, and was rated as the "favorite brand of Chinese consumers"

Yidun safety doors and windows are made of the same aluminum alloy as door and window products, which makes the safety grid and doors and windows can be perfectly integrated without any conflict, and solves the disadvantage of the single color of the traditional steel anti-theft net

in addition, the application of the removable safety grid of Yidun doors and windows can also easily solve these life problems for your home:

first, the safety grid solves the problem of children's home safety. When children get close to doors and windows, they don't have to worry about the danger of falling down because of children's climbing anymore, so that parents can no longer worry about it

secondly, the safety grid solves the problem of accidental escape from fire. In case of fire, the safety grid can be easily and quickly removed, creating conditions and space for families to escape

moreover, the safety grid solves the problem that the high-rise air conditioner cannot be connected to the outdoor space when it is installed and disassembled, and it also easily solves the problem that there is a sanitary dead corner when it is engaged in sanitation

finally, the safety grid solves the problem of theft prevention for low-rise residents. The safety grid has the same anti-theft function as the anti-theft net, and is not afraid of knocking, smashing, and thinking of thieves

installing Yidun safety grid is equivalent to creating a safe home living environment at home, so that you don't have to worry about home safety whether you are at home or outside

as an enterprise with the mission of "keeping life away from noise and making families safe", Yidun doors and windows is deeply responsible. In the future, Yidun doors and windows will spare no effort to produce more high-quality safety doors and windows, let Yidun safety doors and windows enter thousands of households, give children safety barriers, and comprehensively improve the quality of home life of all mankind




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