Five elements of American villa decoration design

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American style villa, also known as North American style villa. The architectural style of the United States presents a diverse and colorful international trend. American architecture, especially housing, is a collection of the essence of housing architecture in the world today, and then integrates some humanistic elements such as Americans' freedom, liveliness, and good innovation, making American housing the most advanced, humanized, and creative housing in the world. North American style still dominates the market

the decoration design of villa is different from that of ordinary residence. If the decoration is too simple, it will not show the luxurious atmosphere of villa and highlight the taste and pursuit of the owner. Villa is originally synonymous with enjoyment, which is a high-end residence. Therefore, the villa decoration design should be exquisite and stand the test of time. We should not only pay attention to details and quality, but also give consideration to practicality. The decoration of American style villas is not only elegant and luxurious in European style, but also has an uninhibited atmosphere of personality. It can easily switch the conflict between the new and the old, noble and casual, which is in line with the lifestyle pursued by modern urbanites. Therefore, this kind of decoration of American style villas is gradually popular

introduction to American villa

American villa refers to a villa with American architectural style, which fully reflects the American people's pursuit of a better life and a free and casual life attitude. Therefore, American villa looks beautiful, comfortable, creative and humanistic. It can be described as a highlight of human architecture and is deeply loved by people all over the world

one of the five elements of American villa design: Collection

those inherited or collected secondhand goods are telling our past, they can help us connect the past with the present, and collections can also give a home the value and significance of existence. Therefore, Americans are keen to collect second-hand goods and live with them. A blanket can be hung at the foot of the bed or on the railing, so that we can feel its greetings every time we climb the stairs

element 2: layer upon layer

multilayer bedding this is a pleasant mixed pattern, from the soft blue of denim to the vortex tweed cloth that looks like a headscarf pattern, using a new way to dress the bed as a place that people can't put down

element 3: bright colors

soft Indian Madras muslin, lively checkered cloth and bright buffalo checkered cloth are matched together, which evokes our good memories of the beach or the back garden. Those comfortable color combinations, whether made on the cushion of the sofa or used on the cool vest skirt, make people feel happy and relaxed. Why not? Because the colors borrowed from outdoor nature always look so harmonious and pleasant when used indoors. In order to feel the color immediately, the plush towel makes the bath full of vitality

element 4: flowers

who can refuse a bunch of charming flowers? Whether it's flowers in vases or patterns printed on a piece of floral cloth, flowers have always been the favorite decorative theme of American families, from chintz and embroidery to bedding, old-fashioned tablecloths and coffee shop curtains. A wreath made of fresh flowers is hung by a bright silk ribbon. Those soft details. Lace with eyelets and delicate embroidery add to the quality handed down from generation to generation; At the same time, use patterned plaid or English high-quality pure white fine linen as the substrate to blend into a sweet and warm feeling

element 5: comfort

comfort not only means that you can put your feet on it, but also reflects your taste. Live with your favorite items and place them in your way. In this way, a house can become a home. Embroidered pillowcases can be used as tablecloths at any time

American villa decoration case

American villa decoration case recommendation 1

the porch uses carved glass as the visual focus, with symmetrical storage shoe cabinets on both sides, corresponding to the horizontal shape of the ceiling woodwork, and frames the porch area with wavy line boards. It is matched with the floor parquet marble, and the reasonable display of points, lines and surfaces, showing an open bearing. See through the carved glass, that is, the semi transparent sports room

American villa decoration case recommendation II

the living room presents a generous pattern, the sofa is matched with black and white, and there is a calm and harmonious atmosphere in the richness. Warm velvet throw pillows and landing curtains all inject a warm atmosphere into the big space. With marble as the TV wall, it presents the beauty of natural stone patterns. The lower part uses the rear study space, adopts the concave design, and can accommodate audio-visual equipment. A marble table with storage function is also designed at the back of the sofa. The two echo each other from afar, creating a dialogue interest

recommended three cases of American villa decoration

highlight the integrity of American rural style with fireplace modeling, simplify complex lines with pure white ink, and do not appear heavy due to modeling

recommended cases of American villa decoration IV

when the sliding door of the sofa wall is closed, the living room space can be visually enlarged. The scenery of day and night has its own charm. The designer highlights the beautiful scene outside the building and emphasizes the leisure atmosphere consistent with the outdoors

American villa decoration case recommendation V

under the country style crystal lamp, with dark wood colored solid furniture, create an elegant dining atmosphere, and skillfully integrate the beam into the ceiling shape, the beam in the middle highlights the sense of height of the restaurant space

recommended six cases of American villa decoration

the kitchen space is divided by the glass sliding door and the bar, and the floor and wall are paved by the similar diamond tiling method to increase the interest of the kitchen space

American villa decoration case recommendation 7

the skylight through the glass sliding door is bright, narrow and long study. At the same time, it also has the effect of sound insulation, so that children can not be disturbed when reading, and the beauty of the sea in the sleeping area can also be shared by the piano room and study

eight recommended cases of American villa decoration

adopt multiple dry and wet separation design. The first wooden sliding door is independent of the washing table area, and the second glass sliding door isolates the moisture in the bathing area. The warm color mosaic collage is visually laid out in a straight line, which has the effect of lengthening the depth of field of the space

recommendation 9 for American villa decoration cases

the overall tone is off white, with black marble countertops, black handles and brown mosaics. The effect is refreshing and generous, and the changes of tiles are used to increase the delicate texture

ten recommendations for American villa decoration cases

the living function of the master bedroom is complete, with perfect storage space on the left and at the end of the bed, and sofa seats with the same color and texture as the headboard are placed next to the window, which is very complete

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