How to achieve annual sales of 30million in cities

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If you are thinking about why the door and window brands you operate do not make money or fail to achieve the expected goals, it is because there is a problem in choosing the brand. Liangmudao doors and windows can help you

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recently, the author did not intend to see such a sentence on a poster: you may not believe that liangmudao's franchise store can introduce a new virtual replacement mode in a city with a population of less than 500000, and can make more than 30million sales within a year. When I saw it, the author first considered the concept of 500000 people. For comparison, the total population of Guangzhou is 2015 million, that is to say, in a city with a population of only 1/40 of Guangzhou, it can be made into tens of millions of big businesses. That must be a god like existence

what is an iPhone shaped window

since it's so magical, let's see how liangmu Dao does it

I believe you have seen square, rectangular, circular and triangular windows, but have you ever seen windows with the same shape as iPhone? Liangmudao has installed an r7mm round corner on the window, without cracks and sharp corners. The design inspiration comes from iPhone. The windows and doors are welded seamlessly and painted as a whole with the concept of German automobile manufacturing. Such windows are not only ultra quiet, but also waterproof, safe and durable for 50 years. This technology marks another upgrading of the manufacturing process of doors and windows, changes our previous definition of doors and windows, and becomes the inevitable trend of the development of the door and window industry

international invention patents

then you may ask other door and window enterprises can't do it

what you may not know is that for this small 7mm, the R & D team of liangmudao has prepared for 7 years to carry out the minimalism of doors and windows to the end. The small round corner changes not only the appearance, but also the extremely important connotation - safety. The acute corner safety problem of doors and windows that once worried thousands of families has been quietly eliminated after the innovation of R7 process

the appearance of the overall product is simple and generous, especially after matching with the overall home decoration, the style effect of minimalist home decoration is instantly in front of you. The welding technology of this product of liangmudao is a whole welding based on the overall corner code, which is an internal to external whole cavity welding. This technology was jointly developed by liangmudao and Southwest University - using the technology of welding high-speed rail to weld doors and windows. It is reported that this is the leading innovative process technology in China at present

at the same time, liangmudao doors and windows have been protected by the appearance patents, utility models, invention patents and international invention patents of R7 seamless whole welding technology. With patent protection, other enterprises cannot imitate this technology or use it casually. In the view of consumers, this product has more reliability and credibility, and the popularity of stores has been quietly improved

r7 makes the service life of doors and windows longer

R7 fillet products of good wood path not only achieve a breakthrough in technology, but also embody humanistic feelings everywhere in performance - ultra quiet and water seepage proof. The adhesive strip of liangmudao window products also adopts the whole welding sealing technology. On the basis of using the adhesive strip with excellent sealing performance originally, the product is upgraded to the whole welding sealing, which means that the windows will be more airless, leaky, and more safe. In addition, each door and window of liangmu road is equipped with mute pulley to ensure that the product can be pushed and pulled smoothly after 20 years

in addition, R7 configuration is also a top-level system: integral welding, mosquito stealing double screen window, German imported hardware system, world-famous environmental protection powder, all glass argon, hidden drainage hole, etc. How can consumers not love the unique doors and windows with high appearance, high technology, high cost performance

small editor's notes

if you are thinking about why the door and window brand you operate does not make money or does not achieve the expected goal, it is because there is a problem in choosing the brand. It is said that choice is greater than effort. Liangmudao - a brand with such cool and practical door and window products as R7, such stylish design, the highest rate of entry, the longest customer stay in the store, the richest supporting products, the most complete solutions, and sales at least 5-10 times the average level of its peers in the same store. Are you still hesitating? If you are ready, please call: 400-662-0888, ext. 4326

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