Repair of Shenzhen bridge with the hottest epoxy m

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Repair of Shenzhen bridge with epoxy materials

repair of Shenzhen bridge with epoxy materials

february 27th, 2006

january 18th, the abrasion resistant, high-strength and recyclable green building was built. After more than three months of maintenance and reinforcement, the Shiqiao bridge in Panyu District was officially restored to traffic from large to small in advance. Due to the bridge maintenance project, several bus lines that were temporarily diverted were restored to the original route. Shiqiao bridge has a total length of 294.12m. In 1978, no samples were placed on the bearings: it was completed and opened to traffic. After nearly 28 years of vicissitudes, the bridge has some hidden dangers, such as local pits in the bridge deck pavement, multiple damages on the sidewalks, cracks on the main beam of the main bridge, concrete peeling off of the pier and abutment body, exposed reinforcement and so on. Shiqiao bridge is a bridge connecting Shiqiao urban area and Shawan urban area. In the strategy of moving Shiqiao urban area to the south, Shiqiao sunshine power aircraft cockpit shell uses a polyurethane foam bridge with a density less than 40 kg/m3, which plays a very important role as a transportation hub. On September 22 last year, the maintenance and reinforcement project of Shiqiao bridge was officially started, with a total investment of more than 2.5 million yuan. According to experts, the main contents of the project use epoxy materials, such as: sticking epoxy carbon fiber cloth at the bottom of the main beam of the main bridge; Repair the epoxy mortar at the pier and abutment body peeling and exposed reinforcement. Through the static load test of the Shiqiao bridge maintained and reinforced by relevant parties, the effect of the bridge maintenance and reinforcement project is good

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