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Gejiu road sub Bureau replaced the lighting equipment in Xianrendong tunnel on July 18, Gejiu road sub Bureau gathered various forces to "replace" 350 old lights in Xianrendong tunnel, all of which were replaced with 100W LED lights with energy-saving and better lighting effects

Xianrendong tunnel was built in May, 2002 Jaso t 203 (2) 005 light alloy wheels for motorcycles, running in the opposite direction with a single hole and two lanes, has a total length of 2364m and a width of 9m. With the growth of service life, the original lighting effect is not good, and there are certain potential safety hazards. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and improve the lighting effect of the tunnel, Gejiu Highway Branch replaced the lighting lamps in the tunnel. The new LED light source lamps replaced this time have longer service life and good color rendering performance. The light utilization rate can be automatically marked on the table, which is high, efficient and energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, and greatly improves the safety and energy-saving of the tunnel

lighting equipment replacement work site

under the circumstances of tight time, heavy tasks and large traffic flow, Gejiu Highway Branch overcame difficulties and made concerted efforts to adopt half closed construction. Road construction and road safety warning signs were set at both ends of the tunnel. Led at the tunnel entrance rolled construction slogans. Common faults of three aerial work vehicles 7: at the same time, the replacement of lighting lamps was carried out in the tunnel. After more than 40 construction personnel, For more than 10 hours of continuous hard work, at 7:00 a.m. on the 19th, with the withdrawal of all construction vehicles and personnel, the upgrading and reconstruction project of the cross-linked polyethylene modified movable lighting equipment in the tunnel was successfully completed

in addition, Gejiu highway branch also organized personnel to comprehensively clean the tunnel, mainly by manual cleaning, supplemented by the tunnel washing machine, and repeatedly clean the walls and reflective delineators with high-pressure water spray guns, roller brushes and towels to ensure that the walls and ancillary facilities in the tunnel are cleaner and brighter

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