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Repair tips for wear, scratches and scratches on the body

repair tips for wear, scratches and scratches on the body:

1. Inspection and maintenance tips for aging and scars on the body: no emergency troubleshooting. Any car will have large or small scars. How much damage does the scar cause to the surface paint? How can I fix it? Must consider the correct disposal methods. If it is a less obvious scar, the smart way is to leave it alone

2. Repair and maintenance tips for wear scars: all cars have scratches. The best repair method is to fill the scars with the same coating agent as the body. The coating agent can be applied once, twice, or three times. The more overload automatic protection shutdown, up and down travel limit protection shutdown, and leakage automatic power-off protection, the cleaner the coating will be. But the uniform treatment of the whole body is also very important

3. Repair and maintenance tips for minor scars if a scar is found on the car body, check the extent of the scar first. If the surface paint is only scratched slightly, immediately use the mixture and wipe it in a straight line. After the scar disappears, wipe it with a finer mixture and then apply wax

4. Repair and maintenance tips for scratches and peeling of surface paint: for deep scars, the key is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust. You can apply finishing paint attentively. Use the tip of the pen to put it on bit by bit, and then wait until the paint is completely dry

alarm to the polyurethane industry 5. Repair and maintenance tips for deep scars: deep but slender scars can be repaired well with color putty. Use sandpaper at the scar. Do not enlarge the scar. It is important to clean the dirt. The putty shall be carefully applied to make it fully enter the interior. Finally, apply the mixture and wax to finish the work

6. Pit repair and maintenance tips: pit treatment is one of the most troublesome tasks in body maintenance. It is important to lay a good foundation. If this step is not done well, the coating effect will be poor no matter how well it is done. When painting, don't forget to cover the surroundings with newspapers to prevent the paint from spreading around. Valve inlet pump

7. Rust prevention countermeasures tips: once rust is found, it shall be solved immediately. If it is left unchecked, the rust spots will slowly expand. The method to prevent rusting is to wipe it with sandpaper or use chemical synthetic agent to change the rust point. Use them separately according to different situations

8. Water leakage countermeasure tips: the waterproof strips pasted around the door and trunk are easy to peel off and twist. However, if there is no crack or deformation, the displacement value can be displayed and used by the computer screen again. Just paste it again to prevent water leakage. It is also important to restore the elasticity of the rubber itself with a protective agent

9. Repair and maintenance tips for bumper scars: the treatment method for bumper scars is to cut off the burrs and coat the potholes with putty to make them smooth. Special putty, prepare various colors, and select the closest color. For the bumper in the same color as the car body, painting is very important

10. Oil maintenance tips: too much or too little oil will affect the engine. The ideal amount is close to the upper limit of the oil scale. Replenish engine oil and try to prepare products of the same grade as the engine oil in use. Be careful not to splash around the engine. Check it once a month

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