Repair procedure of the hottest all aluminum body

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Repair procedure for all aluminum body after damage

the length of the ejector rod shall be adjusted and fixed in the vehicle; (2) Many people are studying the all aluminum body because its mass is much lighter than the traditional body. As the vehicle weight is reduced, the fuel consumption will be correspondingly reduced, and the air pollution will be relatively reduced. It can be said that it has made a certain contribution to environmental protection. This is one of the advantages of aluminum alloy, and it also has some disadvantages, one of which is the trouble of repair process after injury

before use

hardware requirements for aluminum body maintenance

1. Special gas shielded welding machine and shape repair machine for aluminum body

due to the low melting point, easy deformation and low welding current requirements of aluminum, special gas shielded welding machine for aluminum body must be used. The shape repair machine can not be clicked and stretched like the ordinary shape repair machine. Only the special aluminum body shape repair machine can be used to weld the meson nails, and the meson nail stretcher can be used for stretching

2. Explosion proof dust collection and dust collection system

in the process of polishing aluminum body, a lot of aluminum powder will be produced. Aluminum powder is not only harmful to human body, but also flammable and explosive. Therefore, it is necessary to have an explosion-proof dust collection and dust collection system to absorb aluminum powder in time

1. Formulation of energy and environment development strategy

3. Independent maintenance space

due to the strict requirements for aluminum body repair process, it is necessary to set up a separate aluminum body repair station to ensure the quality of automobile repair and the safety of maintenance operation and avoid the pollution and explosion of aluminum powder to the workshop. In addition, the maintenance personnel of aluminum car body shall receive professional training to master the maintenance process of 1g=9.8m/s2 aluminum car body maintenance, and how to position, stretch, weld, rivet, bond, etc

maintenance precautions

1. The local tensile property of aluminum alloy plate is poor, which is easy to produce cracks

for example, due to the complex shape of the inner panel of the engine hood, in order to improve its tensile deformation performance, the high-strength aluminum alloy is used in the body manufacturing, and the elongation has exceeded 30%, so it is necessary to ensure that the shape does not change as much as possible during maintenance to avoid cracks

2. The dimensional accuracy is not easy to master and the springback is difficult to control.

during maintenance, the method of low-temperature heating to release the stress shall be adopted as far as possible to make it stable without secondary deformation such as springback

3. Ensure the parts are in good condition

because aluminum is softer than steel, bumps and various dust attachments during maintenance may cause defects such as bumps and scratches on the surface of parts, so it is necessary to clean the mold and equipment, and take corresponding measures for environmental dust and air pollution to ensure the parts are in good condition

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