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Chemical fiber industry: there are many good and bad opportunities in the market. On September 6, China International Chemical fiber conference will be held in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province. Before the meeting, Liu Di, chairman of Beijing Sanlian HONGPU new synthetic fiber technology service Co., Ltd., was interviewed. The person in charge of the enterprise answered questions on hot issues such as the enterprise's response strategies under the current situation of the chemical fiber industry and the enterprise's development ideas in the high cost era

high speed development needs to be a good guide

-- Interview with Liu Di, chairman of Beijing Sanlian HONGPU new synthetic fiber technology service Co., Ltd.

steady expansion of customer base

: under the increasing economic pressure this year, what measures have the enterprise taken? How effective

Liu Di: our company is one of the most important synthetic fiber engineering technology service providers in China. For more than ten years, nylon polymerization and spinning engineering and technical services have been the pillar industry of Beijing Sanlian HONGPU. Although the overall textile market is not good this year, it has little impact on our enterprises. In the first half of this year, some new customers were signed. Because we are an engineering technology enterprise serving chemical fiber enterprises, the good and bad market of chemical fiber industry has development opportunities for us. When the market is not good, enterprises must seek development through technological transformation to adapt to the more high-end market; When the market is good, enterprises should expand. Last year, the chemical fiber industry began to decline, but the nylon industry as a whole still showed an upward trend. Only due to the change of raw material prices, the customers' raw material inventory led to a decline in profits

: how about the product orders in the first half of the year

Liu Di: in 2012, when the national economic situation was sluggish, the expansion of nylon customers of our company was steady, and the company's orders grew steadily. As of August this year, the newly signed contract amount of the company was 398.456 million yuan. The current order task has been scheduled to the end of 2013, including the 150000 ton/year differential polyamide 6 chip project of Changle Hengshen synthetic fiber technology Co., Ltd Zhejiang Boni has an annual output of 25000 tons of far-infrared power, which can maximally solve the problems of low recycling value and unworthy recycling caused by the use of primary plastic. It can be used for the nylon filament project, the 30000 tons of high-strength and fine denier differential length silk project of Zhejiang Jinsheng Holding Group Co., Ltd., and their working principles and experimental methods are actually different

joint research and development breaks the dependence on nylon 6 chips

: what are the recent trends and advantages of Sanlian HONGPU

Liu Di: the project of "key technologies and equipment for manufacturing high-capacity polyamide 6 polymerization and polyamide 6 fully matting porous fine denier fiber" jointly developed by our company and changleliheng nylon Technology Co., Ltd. has solved the key technical problems, broken the long-term dependence on imports for domestic high-speed spinning high-performance nylon 6 chips, and has a positive demonstration significance for promoting the upgrading of China's Nylon industrial chain, It won the first prize of 2011 "Optical Science of textile" technological progress award of China Textile Industry Association

the polyamide 6 polymerization production line of our company is the largest polymerization unit with single line capacity in China at present. It has successfully solved the key technical problems in large-capacity polymerization, such as continuous melting, two-step polymerization, extraction, drying and full recycling of lactam. Its chips are widely applicable to high-grade civil nylon 6 and FDY high-speed spinning, with good spinnability, long component service cycle and good dyeing performance. The manufacturing technology and equipment of nylon 6 fully Matt porous fine denier fully drawn fiber, researched and developed a series of key process technologies and equipment specially for fully Matt and porous fine denier spinning, and developed a series of differentiated nylon 6 fully Matt porous fine denier varieties with high added value, represented by 22.2dtex/24f, which prominently solved the technical problems such as too many floating wires, too many broken ends, low full roll, dyeing color difference, and the comprehensive excellent product rate is ≥ 95%, The overall technology has reached the international advanced level and has broad development and application prospects

: what are the characteristics of the enterprise structure

Liu Di: Sanlian HONGPU adheres to the road of scientific and technological innovation, and has been committed to the innovation and development of synthetic fiber industrial technology for more than 10 years. Especially in terms of nylon engineering technology, it has provided a package of solutions including engineering technology and equipment for nylon manufacturers, and has undertaken nearly 100 sets of nylon projects. After years of technical development and engineering practice, the company has formed a complete set of polymerization and spinning technology and equipment, leading and promoting the new round of upgrading and rapid development of the technical level of China's Nylon industry

Sanlian HONGPU has subsidiaries Minzhe machinery and Changle HONGPU. The head office is responsible for technology development, engineering transformation, engineering design, system integration and other services. Minzhe machinery is responsible for the manufacturing of main process non-standard equipment and the trial production of new equipment for the project undertaken by the head office; Changle HONGPU is responsible for the company's after-sales service. Ganfeng lithium has established a lithium battery team for continuous technical support and new customer market development, forming a complete service chain to provide customers with all-round services

seize the opportunity of rapid development and keep pace with the international level

: what is the development plan of the enterprise in the next few years

Liu Di: every enterprise will develop according to its own strategy. Due to the breakthrough of caprolactam ISO 11439, ISO 9809, ECE r 110 and other specifications, I think nylon will be a high-speed development stage in the next 5~10 years. First of all, the enterprise firmly adheres to this direction and is determined to become a world-class enterprise providing a full set of engineering and technical services for the nylon industrial chain. There is still a certain gap between the technical service level of China's textile industry and foreign engineering technology. Good enterprises can promote the progress of the industry. As the leader of China's Nylon industry, our corporate products now have a market share covering more than 70%. We hope to do something for the industry to raise the engineering technology level to the international level

the three-year short-term goal of Sanlian HONGPU is to reach the world advanced level in polymerization and spinning engineering technology and equipment. In addition, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with domestic universities, enterprises and foreign enterprises, which enables us to look at issues from a higher level

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