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Fuqing new Meguiar paint was included in the production safety blacklist

the average sales price of Fuqing new products increased by more than 15%. Meguiar paint was included in the production safety blacklist

August 8, 2013

[China paint information] after two consecutive batches of production safety blacklists were published, the Fujian provincial safety inspection Leading Group Office recently announced the third batch of "blacklists" 15 enterprises, including Fuqing new Meguiar coating Co., Ltd. and Jinjiang Defu resin Co., Ltd., were found to have safety problems and were intensively exposed

the hot work ticket of Jinjiang Defu resin Co., Ltd. has no on-site combustible gas and toxic and harmful gas analysis; The on-site equipment has no number, and some pressure gauges have no safety wire and are not inspected in accordance with the regulations; If the process management is not in place, the inlet and outlet valves of the pump should also be stopped to consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty, and the valves are not closed, which is likely to cause the medium to backflow in the valve that has never been closed; There is no disconnection card for lightning protection and anti-static grounding of raw material tank farm; Raise the discharge outlet of the tank bottom discharge pipe without authorization, causing material leakage

Fuqing new Meguiar coating Co., Ltd. has damaged, missing and wrong type selection of fire-fighting equipment; Some equipment is not equipped with protective covers and signs, and the solvents are placed in disorder; The clamp type electrostatic grounding wire at the unloading position is aging and seriously rusted; The internal organs of the maintenance plant are disorderly, and cigarette butts are discarded everywhere; The power distribution room is not equipped with a rat guard board, carbon dioxide or carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers, and there is no warning line in front of the operation panel of the power distribution cabinet. Before the experiment, the friction times required by the experimental standard or set by the operator are input into the control system; The battery terminal of diesel generator set has no protective cap, the oil tank is close to the generator set, and the oil tank leaks seriously

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