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Manufacturer of chip conveyor for Doosan machine tool

manufacturer of chip conveyor for Doosan machine tool una7vaso 6. High degree of product serialization and standardization, simple operation, reliable operation and easy maintenance; 7. According to the chain pitch, there are 31.75, 50.8, 63.5101.6 kinds of chain plate chip conveyor for selection; 8. The chain plate chip conveyor is a multi-purpose material conveying device, and its belt lifting form is especially suitable for conveying chips containing coolant; 9. The chain plate of the chain plate chip conveyor is made of stainless steel and high-quality carbon steel. The surface can be processed into bumps to prevent the adhesion of fine chips; 10. Heavy load high-speed (running speed 10 m/min) is especially suitable for the rapid transportation of scrap (material) in the iron and steel industry. 11. It has a special structure, which is better suitable for the transportation of chips under bad working conditions, such as the long strip and large roll of chips produced by the threading machine in the steel pipe industry

the frost resistance shall comply with the provisions of Table 3. The manufacturer of the special chip conveyor for Doosan machine tool

scraper chip conveyor uses a chain to drag the chip scraper to scrape the chips along the bottom of the chip conveyor, so as to collect and transport granular metal iron chips, fine iron chips, cast iron chips and non-metallic chips, with a large transport flow. In wet processing, the magnetic scraping plate chip conveyor is a model that replaces the magnetic chip conveyor. This machine adopts foreign technology, with streamlined shape, elegant appearance, smooth chip removal, small volume, high efficiency, stable transportation, safety, reliability, low noise, and overload protection function. The future development direction of the scraper chip conveyor is to expand the scope of use of the conveyor and develop the conveyor that can work in the environment with corrosive, radioactive and flammable substances under high and low temperature conditions, "Attending the exhibition is also to look at the conceptual needs of customers and the scraper chip conveyor that can transport hot, explosive, easy to agglomerate and viscous materials.

Doosan's innovative connection technology makes multi material lightweight and worry free. The manufacturer of the special chip conveyor for machine tools

the chip conveyor has scraper chip conveyor, chain plate chip conveyor, magnetic chip conveyor and spiral chip conveyor, which is small in size and high in efficiency; it is the most suitable matching machine for CNC, NC and industrial machinery Type. The width of the chain plate is diversified, providing flexibility and effective application. High intensity, precise cooperation, stable and quiet action. The compact bump design can effectively prevent debris from adhering and increase the ability of chip removal. The torque limit setting can effectively reduce the damage caused by improper operation

the structural method of the chain plate chip conveyor is the new articulated multi spherical chain plate, and light and small chips are not easy to adhere to the chain plate. The materials are selected from excellent stainless steel plates, and the primary parts of the chain plate will be treated with abrasion resistance. The mission operation is stable and noiseless, equipped with mechanical overload maintenance and current overload signaling maintenance devices to ensure safety and robustness. It is an indispensable machine tool auxiliary equipment in modern industrial production, and can also be used as a escort device for small parts

the chip removal machine is mainly used to produce various metal and non-metal waste generated by the machine and convey the waste to the car. It can be used properly with the box filled with water to recycle all kinds of coolant. At present, chip removal machines are mainly large state-owned enterprises and multinational foreign enterprises in the market. CNC machine tools are technology intensive and capital intensive products

product features: 1. High conveying efficiency and wide selection range of conveying speed; 2. There are many kinds of chips that can be processed; It can also be used as a conveying device for small parts of stamping and cold pier machine tools; 3. There are many chain plate width specifications; 4. Streamlined shape, beautiful and generous, and smooth chip removal; 5. With overload protection function

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