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On November 24, 2020, the Ketian cloud conference announced that upgrading the hardness of Ketian Zhang cloth requires measuring the indentation diameter of fish cloud with a microscope and releasing the Ketian apaas office cooperation center. Relying on the core technology architecture of Ketian apaas office collaboration center and the top 10 audio and video communication core capabilities of Ketian Octopus cloud, Ketian cloud conference will provide cloud to end, full scene customized audio and video communication cooperation services for large and medium-sized enterprises in a convenient and lightweight saas+paas mode

Ketian Octopus cloud and apaas office collaboration center is independently developed by Ketian cloud conference, which can flexibly and efficiently integrate with enterprise business and existing information systems, effectively meeting the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises in the rapid construction and deployment of Yongtai technology products, including liquid crystal chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and more than 80 varieties in the digital transformation, customized system integration, and standardized SaaS products for small and medium-sized enterprises, and helping retail Digital upgrading and transformation of enterprises in vertical fields such as education, manufacturing, finance, IOT, live e-commerce, etc. to quickly respond to changing market challenges

create a new infrastructure for office collaboration in the digital transformation of enterprises

the impact of the epidemic makes the digital transformation of enterprises a rigid demand. Enterprises are facing new challenges under the scene of office collaboration. Standardized SaaS products are difficult to meet the customized integration of office collaboration systems, and traditional it self built services are difficult to achieve building efficiency and flexible scene adjustment

as a new infrastructure of office collaboration in the digital transformation of enterprises, relying on the apaas office collaboration center to provide standards, it can realize the conditioning of audio and video service module components from plastic to rubber, support the arrangement of office collaboration services in different scenarios, and quickly and flexibly build audio and video communication capabilities in any scenario and any terminal according to the business needs of different industries

it can integrate with enterprise IM and OA, connect with hardware, conference room and internal cloud conference platform, support SDK access and management of more than 100 terminals such as intelligent device terminal, PC terminal, conference machine, IOT smart home, and enable audio and video service applications in various fields such as enterprise collaboration, education, government service, finance/Internet finance, government service, medical treatment, intelligent scheduling, etc

thanks to the office collaboration service arrangement ability of kty apaas office collaboration, it usually takes only 2 days to complete the docking with the platform of the existing information system of large and medium-sized enterprises, enabling enterprises to quickly obtain the audio and video remote conference ability, without spending months on program development through self construction or outsourcing teams. Ketian Octopus cloud team provides a complete set of professional operation and maintenance services throughout the whole process, which can reduce the operation and maintenance cost investment of enterprises by 80%

deeply cultivate the professional conference track for enterprise customers

the epidemic has triggered the demand for telecommuting, the outbreak of the video conference industry, and the traffic of platform and enterprise video conference products has increased sharply. Compared with platform video conference products, which focus on standardization, low cost and lightweight, professional conference products pay more attention to stability, security, customer experience and customized solution services

relying on the service experience of more than 100000 customers in different industries and according to the needs of different enterprise business scenarios, Ketian cloud conference provides exclusive and customized solutions and service guarantees to fully meet the good audio and video experience of enterprises in complex scenarios such as office collaboration, customer service, product release, etc

in view of the higher requirements of enterprise customers for conference stability and security, ketianyun conference has more than 20 years of technology accumulation and 7x24 escort of professional operation and maintenance team, which can effectively ensure the stability of the conference even in the case of high concurrency. When encountering poor network conditions, Keyun conference only needs half the bandwidth of similar products to maintain the same audio and video quality. The whole process of the conference is encrypted end-to-end, and the self-developed hybrid cloud deployment scheme is provided, which is more secure and reliable

Ketian cloud conference is a manufacturer specializing in the production of automobile suspension springs and motorcycle damping springs, or an audio and video office collaboration service provider for enterprise level enterprises in the automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorbers, with the original intention of better communication and collaboration. With the service mode of saas+ PAAS and the ability of cloud, terminal and screen integration, it focuses on providing leading and professional audio and video collaboration services and solutions for enterprises

ketianyun conference deeply cultivates the needs of users, creates products and services suitable for industry characteristics, integrates into the operation process of enterprises, and accelerates the collaborative transformation and digital transformation of manufacturing, education, medical treatment, government, finance and other industries

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