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Marvell, the global leader in integrated chip solutions, announced that jazztel, the telecom operator, will adopt the network solution of Marvell Technology to accelerate the deployment of its fiber to the home (FTTH) network services. Jazztel provides broadband solutions for the home and enterprise markets in Spain, suitable for voice and data transmission, network and mobile communication; Comtrend, a world-renowned supplier, provides advanced connectivity solutions. Marvell provides complete chip solutions, including mobile communication, storage, Internet of things (IOT), cloud infrastructure, digital entertainment and home content delivery, as well as the research and development of kinoma software, which continues to promote the vision of smart life and smart lifestyle. Kangquan Telecom launched the latest solution, integrating Marvell 88lx3142 digital baseband processor and 88lx2718 analog front-end. Since the launch of the first product equipped with Marvell chip in 2012, Kangquan Telecom has accumulated profound professional technology, and its actual battle cases have also contributed to the company's powergrid series, which was nominated for the Bronze Award in the prestigious best in biz awards in the second half of 2014. The powergrid series product line can provide seamless video streaming in all topologies and minimize interference in high-density environments. Marvell's award-winning chipset support conforms to the International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications (the global carbon fiber composite market is 941billion yen (equivalent to about 49billion yuan at the current exchange rate) standard and the homegrid Forum Certification, and has been adopted again

Philip poulidis, vice president and general manager of Marvell's wireless and IOT business department, said: Marvell is very excited to continue to cooperate with Kangquan Telecom to promote the popularization of technology to a wide range of applications. Through the cooperation of both sides, our complete solution can provide the best performance in the industry for users' families. We are grateful for maintaining a long-term partnership with Comcast and developing innovative technologies to promote the vision of smart life and smart lifestyle. Antonio Montero, director of jazztel Road, said: it is a strategic decision to adopt the powergrid 9070 converter equipped with Marvell solution, which connects the optical network terminal (ont) to the home gateway in our users' homes and accelerates the deployment of high-speed FTTH broadband networks. Jazztel has the second largest FTTH network in Spain, with more than 3.7 million users installing FTTH, and our goal is to reach 5million households by 2015. The main reason why we choose this technology is that the Kangquan Telecom converter is easy to install and provides excellent performance at the same time. Xiehaozhe, marketing director of Kangquan Telecom, said: Kangquan Telecom has cooperated with Marvell for many years. We are confident in Marvell's solutions. We have launched a series of product combinations equipped with Marvell chips, including coaxial cable Ethernet converter, line Ethernet bridge, MIMO power over Ethernet (POE) converter to power line Wi Fi extender, etc. these solutions do not need additional wiring. We are well prepared to respond to any needs of service providers, from wired to wireless and hybrid groups; At the same time, we are also very honored to be selected by jazztel to participate in the deployment of FTTH in Spain. Kangquan Telecom powergrid 9070 meets itu-i standard power line Ethernet converter, EU certified socket and MIMO technology to provide the best quality data transmission and achieve a real high-speed home experience. Such a solution allows jazztel users to extend the regional network through the existing power line without additional wiring between the optical network terminal (ont) and the home gateway. The powergrid 9070 with plug and play technology is simple and fast to install. The powergrid 9070 can be preset and installed easily. At the same time, it provides secure end-to-end encryption to ensure network security, and has an automatic standby mode to support the advanced energy-saving function of dynamic detection of Ethernet connections

about Marvell

MA rvell maywell Technology Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the production of experimental machines, provides the world's leading integrated chip solution and kinoma software to promote the vision of smart life and smart lifestyle. Whether it's mobile communication, data storage, IOT, Cloud Architecture, digital entertainment or home digital content, Marvell designs various solutions based on the industry's highest specification of performance, safety, stability, especially excellent energy-saving and thermal insulation, fire-resistant B1 grade polyurethane material, which has been paid attention to by many enterprises and design departments again, and the concept of qualitative and executive efficiency. The solutions provided by Marvell have gone deep into major consumer platforms, networks and enterprise level systems to help countless business partners and customers take the lead in intelligence and innovation, and create excellent performance and public image. By providing mobility and assisting enterprises above the production scope of waste foam granulators, foam granulators help users obtain high-quality value-added services in social, personal and work life, Marvell spared no effort in improving the quality of human life

about jazztel

jazztel, a global telecommunications operator, provides broadband solutions for the Spanish home and enterprise markets, suitable for voice and data transmission, network and mobile communications. Jazztel provides adsl2+ and VDSL2 technology, and is currently deploying FTTH and next generation access (NGA) networks for the home market. This regional access network infrastructure is interconnected through the backbone and is one of the fastest and most innovative telecommunications networks in the EU

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