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Precautions for the operation of the plug-in vibrator

1. When the motor of the plug-in vibrator rotates after being powered on, if the flexible shaft does not rotate, the motor rotates incorrectly, and the two-phase power lines can be replaced arbitrarily; If the flexible shaft rotating rod does not vibrate, shake the rod head or knock the rod head gently on the ground to vibrate

2. During the operation, the vibrating rod should be naturally sunk into the concrete. Generally, it should be inserted vertically, and inserted into the lower layer of the layer that has not yet been initially set for 5~10cm, so as to promote the upper and lower layers to be frequently used in scientific research institutions, testing institutions, new product development, etc

3. When the immersion vibrator vibrates, in addition to fast insertion and slow extraction, the spacing between the insertion points of the vibrator should be uniform. Don't go too far and too close. Generally, the spacing shall not exceed 1.5 times of the effective action radius of the vibrating rod

4. The vibrating rod shall be vibrated in the concrete for 20~30s at each insertion point, until the concrete no longer sinks significantly, no bubbles appear, and the cement slurry is turned out on the surface and the appearance is uniform. When vibrating, the vibrating rod shall be pumped up and down for 5~10cm to make the concrete vibrate evenly; The depth of the rod body inserted into the concrete shall not exceed 2/3~3/4 of the rod length, so as to avoid damage to the protective hose due to the difficulty of pulling out the vibrating rod; It is not allowed to insert the protective hose into the concrete to prevent the mortar from eroding the protective hose and mortar from penetrating the hose and damaging the machine parts

5. When using the plug-in vibrator, the vibrating rod should not touch the reinforcement, core pipe and embedded parts, and the vibrating rod should not be used to vibrate the reinforcement to make the concrete vibrate densely. So as not to change the position of reinforcement due to vibration and reduce the bonding force between reinforcement and concrete

6. When the vibrator cost is high, the bending radius of the protective hose should be greater than the specified value, and the hose should not be broken. The steel wire flexible shaft should be replaced after 200 hours of use. If the hose is too long and the length becomes longer, it should be repaired or replaced

7. If the temperature of the vibrator is too high during use, it should be shut down for cooling and inspection. It is a mechanical failure and should be repaired in time. Under low temperature in winter, the vibrator should be heated slowly before operation, except for several large plastic enterprise groups with junior facilities. After the lubricating oil in the rod is thawed, it should be put into operation according to the requirements of Volvo

8. The operator should pay attention to the safety of electricity, and can operate the immersion vibrator only after wearing rubber shoes and insulating rubber gloves

9. After the operation of the vibrator is completed, the vibrator motor, protective hose and vibrator shall be brushed clean, and lubrication and maintenance shall be carried out according to the specified requirements; When the vibrator is stored, do not stack the hose, and place it straight to avoid deformation, and prevent the motor from getting damp

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