Precautions for the selection of sleeve type safet

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Precautions for the selection of sleeve type safety sliding contact wire of crane (5)

(2) check the "crane power - quick look up table of conduit track section" to determine the selection specification, and ensure that in 1F

in - continuous carrying capacity of conduit at 35 ° C

4. Voltage drop check: after the conduit with a length of less than 100m is selected according to the power or current estimation method, the voltage drop check may not be carried out

(1) voltage drop △ u ≈ index: general crane △ u 7%, metal treatment crane △ u 5%, and other electric facilities according to the requirements of product standards

(main technical parameters: 2) check method: three-phase AC load:

△ u ≈ 173lmaxlcos ψ % DC load: △ u ≈ 200lmaxl%

δ SUn δ Sun

where l-the calculated length of the power supply sliding contact line device is m (see how to disassemble the power supply mode as long as you learn to install)

δ- Conductivity, copper is 50m/Ω mm2

s-guide rail sectional area mm2

UN rated working voltage

cos ψ- The power factor is 0.65 for wire wound motor and 0.5 for asynchronous motor

l Max maximum load current in recent years

lmax=k (lfa+lfb+lfc) LFA, LFB, LFC see the previous note

k starting coefficient, 2 for wire wound motor, 3 for DC motor, relative humidity: ≤ 80% 2~2.5

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