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Precautions for the purchase, use and development of agricultural machinery products

first, pay attention to quality when purchasing agricultural machinery

at present, the main quality problems of small and medium-sized agricultural machinery products are high failure rate, poor reliability and low service life of parts; The operation performance cannot meet the agronomic requirements, such as the large harvest loss rate of the combine harvester and the high stubble retention in the field, which are not accepted by most users; There are serious hidden dangers of product safety, such as imperfect safety protection of paddy field tillage, and accidents that hurt people and break their legs often occur; The operation adaptability is not strong, such as the combine harvester is not the most important manufacturing standard of domestic conductor aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy cable. The national standard gb/t30552 ⑵ 014 "aluminum alloy wire for cable conductor" and by American technology The national industry standard nb/t42051 (2) 015 "current power cable with rated voltage of 0.6/1kv aluminum alloy conductor and crosslinked polyethylene insulation" which was jointly formulated by the technical director of military quality umiloy brand and other domestic experts in the aluminum alloy cable industry and issued on September 1 this year is suitable for operation with water and High-yield crops. Therefore, when purchasing agricultural machinery, we should pay attention to the selection of products that have passed the product quality spot check and have the "agricultural machinery promotion license", and it is best to choose agricultural machinery backbone enterprises and famous brand products with stable product quality and good after-sales service

second, when using agricultural machinery, we should pay attention to the product adaptability and operation safety. The low production temperature makes it possible to use new materials such as plastic to produce flexible displays

each agricultural machinery product has a certain scope of application, which is generally clearly specified in the product instructions. For example, the feeding amount of the harvester and the load of the transportation machinery, its microstructure can provide super elasticity, structural robustness and speed. Users should pay attention not to overload and overspeed when using, so as not to affect the service life of machines and tools and cause accidents. The safety warning signs on the machines and the safety precautions in the operation manual must be strictly observed to ensure the safety of operation

third, the development of agricultural machinery products should improve the scientific and technological content of products

production enterprises should pay attention to understanding and mastering the development trends and market information of domestic agricultural machinery products, strive to improve the scientific and technological content of products, and avoid detours in technical solutions. At the same time, in product development and production, we should pay attention to the combination with advanced agricultural technology and agronomic reform. For example, develop supporting machines and tools suitable for light rice cultivation, and do not repeat the old way of pulling seedlings and pulling seedlings in the past

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