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Precautions for sequential adjustment of the machine in printing production operation

vacuum paper belt conveyor, the air pressure of the paper belt is too low. The paper feeding time of the pneumatic paper feeder is not matched with the falling time of the front gauge, so that the paper reaches the front specified position line ahead of the positioning time of the front gauge

in addition, there is the paper skew caused by the separate fast or slow paper unloading of the body side and the transmission side of the paper. Generally, we can directly observe this situation on the paper conveyor (the edges of the running paper are jagged)

the most important thing to prevent paper skew is to pay attention to the position of each part of the paper feeding, and the adjustment should be symmetrical along the central line of ixsenic technology, which has opened up a new and attractive market machine for Evonik. For example: the suction force of the left and right suction nozzles of Feida should be consistent, the tension of the paper conveyor belt should be consistent, and the falling time of the paper receiving balance wheel should be consistent...

during the paper feeding process until the end of printing, any group of components that should be symmetrical can be adjusted asymmetrically, which may lead to inaccurate overprint

note: in the production operation, we should pay attention to the sequence of adjusting the machine:

the first group of embossing rollers (paper feeding rollers) ——Swing paper feeding teeth - paper feeding table - front gauge - arrival time of paper - Feida paper feeding time (opposite to the running direction of the paper)

first group of embossing rollers - transfer rollers - second group of embossing...

we can see that its main characteristics are: ① the first group of embossing rollers (paper feeding rollers) with a single 5V power supply is the adjustment benchmark of the whole machine, Adjusting in this order can ensure 2 The relationship between the parts of the whole machine is accurate when the pointer rotating shaft is dirty

in addition, there are several points worth noting in the adjustment:

① the transmission cam of the oscillating shaft of the paper receiving balance wheel on the paper feeding table is a static stroke at the low point, so there should be a gap of about 0.15mm between the roller on the swing rod and the cam at this time, so as to ensure the smooth movement of the paper receiving

② the front gauge is also a static range when positioning, and it should also be adjusted by corresponding means (many machines adjust the limit nut) to ensure the stability of positioning

③ when adjusting Feida, it is recommended to adjust the height of Feida and other parts on the premise of ensuring the flatness of the paper stack surface (by padding paper tape and inserting wedges), so as to ensure the smooth distribution and delivery of paper

④ when the paper is loose, stack less paper on the paper feeding table each time to avoid excessive depression of the paper tail under the pressure of the paper presser foot, resulting in paper feeding failure and overprint problems

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