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Precautions for the operation and use of animal glue

animal glue is mainly used as industrial adhesive, emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer, flocculant in mineral processing, sizing agent in papermaking and textile industry, plate making and ink roller manufacturing in printing industry, etc. in addition, animal glue is also widely used in the production fields of food, photographic materials, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The operation method of animal glue is as follows: there is dirt in the oil cylinder:

1. Jelly glue: melt it at ℃ first, and add hot water according to 2%-5% of the glue weight as needed, so that it can be reduced to glue liquid, diluted to the same viscosity, so as to achieve the best machining performance

2. Granular: mix the rubber powder and water at a ratio of 1:1 (i.e. soak 1 part of rubber powder and 1 part of cold water) for minutes, and then indirectly heat and dissolve after water absorption and expansion. It is impossible to directly heat the sol, and the sol temperature is controlled below +/- 75 ℃. When the temperature is low, animal glue will solidify into jelly. For example, in winter, the temperature is relatively low, the air humidity is low, and the temperature of glue is relatively fast, so the temperature of glue can be higher, and the action should be faster during operation, so as to improve the operation speed; In summer, the temperature of the room is high and the air humidity is high, so the temperature of glue should be lower, and the operation can be slow

the appearance indicators of animal glue products are identified through the following two general directions

1. Product appearance: transparent amber in jelly shape and light yellow, brown granules

2 the resolution of force value can almost reach 1 in 100000. Product viscosity: 3500+500cp before melting and realizing the recycling of resources s

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