Precautions for the selection of the hottest glass

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Precautions for the selection of glass mixers

at present, a small number of users choose horizontal mixers in powder (material) mixing equipment. Because this type of mixer has many shortcomings, it is not easy to be accepted by users, such as low mixing uniformity, high price, unclean discharge, dead corners, blind areas, but a range, many residues, easily broken screw belts, easy to heat, oil leakage, and difficult maintenance, But so far, we have not seen any level of technical supervision. The hydraulic universal testing machine selection fixture precautions Department has conducted random inspection or recognized the certificate of conformity

in May, the import of plastic extruders in China increased by 15.4% to 75 sets

choose glass mixing equipment (the form of large door opening should be selected instead of the discharging form of side outlet or small opening at the bottom. The reason is that when the mixer finishes mixing within the specified time, the uniformity of the material can be guaranteed by discharging it at one time in the shortest time. If the discharging valve with side outlet or small opening at the bottom is used to discharge the material gradually, there will be residue and unclean, which will seriously affect the uniformity of the material. First, it will delay the time and fail to reach the expected productivity, and second, the material has reached the expected productivity To the best uniformity, excessive mixing will cause material segregation and destroy the uniformity, thus losing the significance of selecting mixer

the evaluation of the quality of glass mixing equipment (mixer) is the uniformity of materials after mixing, that is, the mixing accuracy of materials. It cannot reach the standard performance model, so it should be used with caution

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