Precautions for the safest construction

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Precautions for safe construction

first, theft prevention

during the decoration period, especially before the indoor windows and theft prevention are not done well

in addition, interior thieves must also be prevented in the decoration workshop. The tortuous experiment of stealing tools and stealing materials in the workshop. In particular, if the Contractor does not contract materials, the owner or the management will have to pay more attention

II jjg1136 ⑵ 017 there are two cases: (1) the coaxiality of the force is 5%; (2) Geometric coaxiality 0.2mm, fire prevention

1, no fire and smoking in the workshop

2. Do not pull wires without the protection of insulated pipes. Temporary wiring should be kept away from flammable decoration materials as far as possible

3. Cooking in the workshop must be carried out within the specified range. There should be no fire hazard in this area according to Deng Bo, a former professor of chemistry at Tsinghua University

4. It is absolutely forbidden to make a fire indoors for heating. Keep the room ventilated at all times

III. waterproof

1. It is recommended that the decoration materials be padded cm high when stacking. Separate it from the ground

2. Be careful with water, especially before the drainage system is completed. If a worker takes a bath in the workshop, he should be told again and again

3. When leaving the workshop, check whether the faucet is closed tightly

4. Workers who do not understand pipeline construction shall not be allowed to engage in water supply and drainage construction

5. When laying solid wood floors or composite floors, attention should be paid to the waterproofing of adjacent areas

6. When no one is on duty, the windows should be closed tightly. If it is in the ventilation period, try to avoid the typhoon season

7. Regularly clean the drainage holes to avoid flooding caused by blockage

IV. danger prevention

1. Decoration materials should be placed properly, and sharp objects should be properly pre protected to prevent collision injury

2. Small metal fittings should be placed properly, especially nails. If there are nails nailed to the waste wood, they should be bent and flattened in time

3. Safety measures shall be taken for high-altitude operation, and sufficient high-altitude operation equipment shall be equipped

4. When stabilizing ceiling works and installing lamps and lanterns, we must make expansion screws well and make more screws just in case

5. Formally trained personnel should operate various construction machinery and take necessary safety measures. Especially, be careful about the safe use of electric saws, high-pressure nail guns and other machinery

although the danger of decoration works is not comparable to that of the construction industry. But be careful

v. electricity prevention

1. The wire row seat should not walk randomly on the ground, let alone roll on it

2. It is forbidden to pass through the electric conduit in the ponding, so as to avoid personal injury in case of electric leakage

3. If there is damage on the surface of the electric conduit, it should be replaced in time

4. The power box shall be installed with necessary grounding wires and leakage protection switches

5. Electricians who have received formal training should be responsible for electrician projects

VI. chemical prevention

1. Carefully place various chemical materials and take certain isolation measures

2. During construction, do not construct too much and keep a certain limit. In order to avoid poisoning, explosion and other accidents caused by a large number of toxic substances in the air

3. Indoor ventilation should be maintained during paint commissioning and paint construction

4. Wear protective measures such as rubber gloves when using chemical materials

5. For unknown objects or materials, remember not to touch them randomly

6. Do not mix chemical raw materials without the guidance of experts

7. Strengthen safety protection for strong acid, alkali and volatile materials

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