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Notes on the paper used for magazine printing

magazine paper generally includes paper, calendered magazine paper, offset paper, light coated paper, medium coated paper and coated paper. This ranking reflects the quality of paper from low to high. At the same time, the price of the company's scientific research investment reached 259million euros

each kind of paper has its own characteristics: the paper is not coated, most of it is made of mechanical pulp, and the weight is generally from 38 g to 48 g; Calendered magazine paper is calendered and uncoated. Most of it is made of mechanical pulp, with more than 42 grams. However, this kind of paper is still relatively rare in mainland China; Offset paper is uncoated, mostly chemical pulp, more than 70 grams, which is widely used in China; Light coated paper (LWC) is a single-layer coating, most of which are based on mechanical pulp and have luster. Now there is also a kind of high white light coated paper, which is improved on the basis of the original light coated paper to make it have a better whiteness; Medium coated paper (MWC) is double coated, most of which are made of mechanical pulp, weighing more than 70 grams; Coated paper is the most familiar paper. It is very important to understand the measurement standards. Most of them are made of chemical pulp. They are coated with single layer, double layer and three layers, and their subsequent expenses save coating and paper surface treatment. Different paper mills have different technologies, and the quality is also very different. In fact, coated paper and medium coated paper have overlapping parts. The quality of double-layer and multi-layer coating of coated paper is better than that of medium coated paper, but medium coated paper is better than that of single-layer coating of coated paper, because the shielding rate of mechanical pulp is better than that of chemical pulp. As for three-layer coated coated paper, some people call it true powder

so what kind of magazine uses what kind of paper

generally speaking, magazines with high-end clothing and life themes mostly use coated paper and medium coated paper weighing 70 grams; High quality monthly magazines and professional magazines use medium coated paper, high whiteness light coated paper, weighing 70 grams; Monthly and weekly magazines of general quality often use high white light coated paper, light coated paper, weighing 60 grams; Weekly magazines and comprehensive magazines with large circulation generally use light coated paper and calendered paper, weighing 65 grams

in addition, there are generally the following rules in the selection of gram weight: gram paper is generally used for magazines and product catalogs with high circulation; The higher quality monthly magazine is gram; Professional magazines and customer magazines are gram; Quality magazines are grams. Of course, this is only a general analysis. There will be various specific changes in the specific printing orders of various magazines since the first half of this year

finally, I want to say that at present, magazine paper is developing towards low gram weight, good whiteness and printability, which can not only reduce the consumption of paper, but also further save by reducing the mailing cost

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