Lone Cleo suspect ‘in tussle with police’ during r

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Lone Cleo suspect ‘in tussle with police’ during raid - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Police are now convinced the man they will allege kidnapped little Cleo Smith was working alone, while detailing how they worked together to pinpoint him and the house where the four-year-old was found.

Detectives were still working on one of the biggest missing persons cases in Australian history on Thursday, knowing the missing little girl was now safe in her mother’s arms.

Cleo was seen outside for the first time on Thursday as she was taken by police for gentle questioning over her ordeal.

Camera IconThe Premier arrived in Carnarvon and visited the officers at the Police Station. Pictured – Det-Sen. Sgt Cameron Blaine chats to the media.
Credit: Daniel Wilkins/The West Australian

And before that, detectives revealed more details about what they knew about the man they think abducted Cleo and how that led to his arrest.

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