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The annual two sessions have always been the object of widespread concern of the broad masses of the people, because the major events, development directions and favorable policies released therein also release different signals to various industries

the annual two sessions have always been the object of widespread concern of the broad masses of the people, because the major events, development directions and favorable policies released therein also release different signals to various industries, These will have an impact on the development of relevant industries and various sub sectors. Indirectly, it has a stake in every industrial branch, every enterprise and every person

the opening meeting of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress was officially held on March 5. Premier Li Keqiang made a 2018 government work report. What information does this report reveal? What impact will they have on the home furnishing industry? It mainly focuses on the following three aspects:

1. Vigorously promote "made in China 2025" and develop intelligent industry and industrial Internet platform

made in China 2025 is not only an important content in the government work report of the national two sessions, but also a key word frequently appearing in the local two sessions in 2018

in the in-depth interpretation of the government work reports of 15 regions across the country this year, many mentioned the need to speed up the construction of the "Internet + industry" ecosystem and the implementation of the intelligent manufacturing action plan

as a member of the whole household, di Keno believes that the integration of traditional furniture industry and big data in the future is an inevitable trend. Intelligent production and intelligent life will gradually dominate the mainstream of social development. Since 2017, dicaino has deepened the reform of enterprise system and included the research and development of intelligent products in the important direction of future product development

2. Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the real economy and reducing the tax rate of the manufacturing industry

the real economy has been the focus of China's economic development for many years, which will further stimulate the vitality of market players. As a "member" of the real economy, di Keno overall furniture will also enjoy the benefits brought by the state, such as reducing industrial tax rates, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, developing platform economy and so on

furniture manufacturing industry is a sub industry of China's manufacturing industry. At present, four large-scale furniture industrial zones have been formed in China ("the capital of furniture trade in China" - Lecong, Jiangsu Likou International Furniture City, Xianghe Furniture City, and Chengdu Wuhou District). In the future, these industrial zones will likely form new industrial clusters with the support or guidance of the state, which may be a matter worth looking forward to for a long time in the future

seizing the benefits of the state to the real economy and accelerating the upgrading of enterprises is the top priority of Di Keno's five-year work plan. In the future, di Keno will make full use of this opportunity to ride the wind and waves and reach the goal

3. Consolidating the achievements of the blue sky defense war, strengthening environmental protection, strengthening air pollution control and promoting the development of green industries have been the key points in the work reports of the government and various regions in recent years

in the 2018 government work report, the state once again stressed the need to strengthen ecological environment protection and governance, and strengthen the construction of sewage treatment facilities. However, the wording of the blue sky defense war has been changed from "starting" to "consolidating", which does not mean that the country will reduce the intensity of environmental protection. On the contrary, the relevant government measures related to the blue sky defense war will continue to be vigorously promoted

Di Keno people believe in the concept of environmental protection. Home furnishing is an embodiment of humanistic care. With the continuous improvement of economic level, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and comfort. While enjoying nature, we should also love nature. This is not just a slogan, but a brand deeply imprinted in the hearts of Di Cano

as a member of the household manufacturing industry, dicaino will vigorously promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. Seize the opportunity of the state's strong support for independent brands in the home furnishing industry, and continue to explore and innovate. At the same time, with the support or guidance of the state, combined with mode innovation and technological innovation, through the combination with concepts and technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, big data, industry 4.0, etc., we can speed up the upgrading of enterprises. As for environmental protection, whether it is the health of its own products or the discharge of waste leftovers generated in the manufacturing process, di Keno has always paid attention to environmental protection, resolutely implemented the concept of producing green products and the basic national policy of protecting the environment, and has successively obtained environmental protection certificates such as "environmental protection demonstration brand" and "China's green environmental protection famous and high-quality products". In the future, we will continue to respond to the national call and take the road of sustainable development

whether it is a seemingly macro proposition or the relevant policies that have played a "marginal ball" with the home furnishing industry, the dicaino integrated cabinet/whole house customization deeply rooted in the industry cannot and will not ignore the major signals released by the "policies", because sometimes they will bring significant benefits to the development of the enterprise, and sometimes they may indirectly affect the future development trend of the whole enterprise





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