Kang Cheng told you what to do if there is a crack

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There are cracks on the wall of Kangcheng art wall material house. I'm worried about whether the cracks will become larger and larger in plum rain weather, and even get damp and moldy. In this case, we should first find the reason and then find a solution. So what if there are cracks and mildew on the wall? Which wall product is the most reliable? 1、 As we all know, if the external temperature changes greatly, the temperature deformation between the floor and the masonry is inconsistent, which will lead to cracks. At this time, we can stick a product called shell fiber cloth, and then apply it with shell milk. 2、 Indoor and outdoor humidity leads to moldy walls. The shell cloth has unprecedented air permeability, and the gap between quartz fiber lines has good air permeability, while the specially matched shell milk has water molecule permeability. Therefore, even in a humid environment, moisture can easily diffuse in the wall with shell cloth, ensuring that the wall is not moldy and discolored. Shell colorful cloth is easy to maintain. Users can complete DIY by themselves. If it is damaged, it can be spliced and repaired at will




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