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Delta UPS won the bid for the shielded machine room of the third Academy of Aerospace Science and technology

a message came from Zhongda Diantong. In the recent bidding for the shielded machine room UPS equipment held by the third Academy of Aerospace Science and technology, delta NT series UPS won favor with stable quality and excellent performance price ratio in the competition participated by many well-known first brands. It is understood that at present, the relevant commissioning and installation of the equipment have been completed. The development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator should be implemented, and the operation is good

the third Academy of aerospace is famous for developing high-tech products for national defense. Its predecessor was the third branch of the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of national defense. During the ninth five year plan and the Tenth Five Year Plan in China, the third Academy of Astronautics undertook the model development and production tasks of several projects in several phases of a national key project

this time, the third Academy of Astronautics mainly invited bids for UPS equipment in its shielded machine room. After strict examination and selection of many well-known brands, delta NT series UPS first entered the view of the bid inviter with its outstanding performance and good product reputation. In the subsequent bidding, Zhongda Diantong designed a scheme with good stability and reliability according to the characteristics of the shielding room of the third Aerospace Research Institute, which won the praise of the bid inviter. The bidding competition is not only about products, but also the comprehensive strength of manufacturers, especially the customized after-sales service ability. In terms of the sales of manufacturers worried by the third Academy of Aerospace Science and technology, but some domestic aluminum enterprises with technical strength have begun to promote the service ability after relevant projects, the sound service points and professional teams built by Zhongda Diantong have also made commitments with "personalized and expert level all-round services"

delta NT series UPS, which won the bid this time, is a high-power UPS designed for large users. It adopts a number of advanced technologies and adheres to the consistent excellent quality of delta series UPS. Its wide input voltage and ultra-high output power can fully adapt to the complex and changeable power environment. The microprocessor detection technology adopted by NT model can automatically adjust the discharge cut-off voltage of the battery pack according to the actual load of the customer, so as to ensure that the battery will not have the phenomenon of "low current deep discharge", thus protecting the safety of various precision research equipment in the machine room and prolonging the service life of ups. It is worth noting that through computer simulation aided analysis and design of heat dissipation duct and advanced IGBT high-frequency switching sine pulse width modulation technology design, NT series UPS has small heat loss, low noise, small volume and long service life

with the development of "conditional yield strength" or "yield strength" in China σ 0.2 with the further acceleration of the information construction of the aerospace industry, the demand for relevant power supply security has attracted extensive attention of many ups manufacturers. With excellent product quality and excellent service quality, it is believed that delta ups will contribute to the development of China's aerospace industry

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