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Delta: motion control technology is more integrated into automatic control platform

with the adjustment of national industrial structure and the impact of waterproof and moisture-proof solutions from foreign brands and manufacturers, domestic motion control products are also facing unprecedented challenges in the process of closely integrating with the industry

the goal of motion control technology is always high speed and high precision. China's motion control technology has developed from the early single-chip microcomputer or microprocessor, or special chip as the core processor, to the bus based open motion controller with DSP and FPGA as the core processor as the upper control system. Make full use of the computing power of DSP to carry out complex motion planning, high-speed real-time multi axis interpolation, error compensation and more complex kinematics and dynamics calculation, so as to make the motion control more accurate, faster and more stable; The more open system structure makes the customized application requirements more convenient

China is a large manufacturing country, and there are many personalized demands in the segmented industries. Therefore, the development of China's motion control technology is closely related to the industry distribution. When filling oil, the oil filter is used to inject oil into the oil tank. The controller products can be customized according to the special process and technical requirements of customers to form a unique product, which has great advantages in the industry specificity. After the application and development in recent years, domestic motion controller products have been able to compete with foreign brands in terms of hardware, and some are even more advanced. However, there is still a certain gap in the research on the core algorithm of the underlying software and the usability of the secondary development platform

the development of general motion controller is booming. For the Chinese market, the market capacity of general motion controller (GMC) is expected to reach US $1.065 billion in 2014, while the market scale of CNC Motion Controller will reach US $1.239 billion. The driving force of its market growth is mainly concentrated in two aspects: on the one hand, the upgrading of motion control products brought about by the upgrading of the industry; On the other hand, the rapid rise of some emerging industries also provides new expansion space for motion control products

with the adjustment of national industrial structure and the impact of foreign brands and industrial solutions, domestic motion control products are also facing unprecedented challenges in the process of closely integrating with the industry. In terms of the development of motion control technology, automation enterprises are increasing their competitiveness through integration: drive companies will consider adding control functions to drives, while controller companies will consider supporting cooperation with drive companies, and some will even be acquired by them. It is worth mentioning that motion control technology will be more and more integrated on the larger platform of automatic control

Delta has formed systematic solutions in the field of motion control, including universal servo, motion control card and bus CNC system. Delta's current motion control technology has a complete solution to meet the requirements of universal technology covering traditional industries, and is at the forefront of the market in terms of bus product architecture. In some product areas, Delta has achieved a technological development level comparable to that of mainstream brands in Europe and the United States

Delta's servo system has developed into a universal and intelligent solution. For example, a2-m series servo is a high-resolution network servo. It supports CANopen motion bus and can realize high-speed network communication control. The motion control card adopts Delta's unique DMC net bus architecture. Compared with the mainstream pulse and analog control methods in the market, it has greatly improved in technology. At the same time, it provides a systematic, high extension gauge: 50 mm integrated system solution for related industries

cnc system also adopts Delta's unique DMC net bus architecture, which has excellent performance and security. It is not only easy to assemble and stable, but also more flexible in expansion. The transmission data can reach 20mb/s, and the maximum data update frequency can reach 2KHz. Its built-in 64 bit high-speed dual CPU can perform multi task processing to improve operation efficiency; Equipped with delta high-speed communication servo, it realizes full digital data transmission and improves noise suppression capability; Equipped with high-resolution encoder, the resolution accuracy reaches 0.1 M, which improves the control smoothness and accuracy

with the rapid development of automation technology, motion control technology, as its key component, will have an unprecedented development. Various manufacturers at home and abroad have successively introduced new technologies and products of motion control. For example, there are several representative new technologies, such as full closed AC servo, linear motor driving, programmable computer controller (PCC) and motion control board

the development and industrialization of national high and new technology also provides a larger development space and a broader market for the development of motion control technology. If motion control technology wants to have broad development, it must be combined with process control, rely on the broad industry coverage of process control, expand the coverage of technology and industry, and achieve the complementary effect

today, when the current motion control scheme is becoming more and more integrated, the selection of motion control system must not be a single product selection idea. It should consider the technical combination of industry and equipment types. It is best to select products with obvious industry technical characteristics, so as to ensure the portability of technology development and easily form a unified process development platform in the industry

for motion control manufacturers, they must form a bus solution covering all their products. If the company's products have multiple control modes: serial port, Ethernet, CANopen, PROFIBUS, etc., but do not form a joint force, it will always be in the state of a single product without its own characteristics; For the products of major mainstream manufacturers, Secretary General Zheng Long said: "In terms of lightweight, plastics can replace other materials with a single bus to cover the whole series of products, so as to meet the integration requirements to the greatest extent.

Delta pci-dmc-a01 motion control card has a unique dmc-net bus built in, which can connect various devices at high speed, such as servo motor, stepping motor, remote module, DD motor and linear motor. All devices are connected to the dmc-net bus, and there is no need to configure different drivers The pulse, analog quantity and IO interface board can avoid the problems of system compatibility and stability caused by too many interface types. Pci-dmc-a01 motion control card has a large number of control axes, and can control up to 12 axes, which is the highest number of control axes in the market at present. For projects with more than 8 axes, only one card can be used, which is very convenient. The bus type motion control card greatly reduces the wiring, thus improving the system stability and reducing the maintenance cost

in terms of software, the motion control manufacturers should adopt the sharing of schemes, function modules and process modules corresponding to different industries, which is very attractive to customers and has a strong penetration in the reputation of the brand in the corresponding industries. In terms of service, delta already has a very good service system. Whether it is 2H response speed or 48h door-to-door service, it is in the leading position in the industry

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