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Delta PLC: close to users to improve quality and stimulate demand

as a member of delta's industrial automation family, Delta PLC has unique advantages compared with other brands of PLC: the customer base and market reputation of delta inverter for more than 10 years have created favorable conditions for the promotion of Delta PLC; At the same time, Delta PLC's complete product integration capability and close to customer service platform have also helped Delta PLC achieve an average annual growth of more than 30% for five consecutive years, ranking among the top in the market share of Small PLC in the mainland market

the financial storm that began in the second half of 2008 hit China's industrial economy hard. Delta adjusted its market strategy in time: while improving the service level of middle and low-end customers and OEM customers, delta also made great efforts in the service of industry leading customers and high-speed and high-precision applications. Industrial bus and PM products were given priority. If the pressure was found to be not wide enough. The increasing attention to building, HVAC, environmental protection, transportation and other people's livelihood industries also made the sales of Delta PLC products rise against the trend in the financial crisis. According to zhangshaokun, PLC product manager of Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd., due to the successful operation and the recovery of traditional advantageous industries, it is expected that the annual growth rate of Delta PLC in 2009 will be close to 30%

pm series product positioning is clear and the market is optimistic

in the past 10 years, delta es series products mainly face customers with medium and low-end applications, while eh series is recommended for medium and high-end applications, but the product field suitable for high-speed and high-precision applications has always been blank. Manager Zhang said: "when we face the same customer, there will be such a situation. The PLC for common applications is delta, while the PLC for high-speed and high-precision applications is an imported brand. Now this situation will be completely changed." As a new member of delta's product family, PM series products are mainly positioned in occasions that emphasize high-speed and high-precision applications. General industrial machinery can complete specific functions with ordinary small PLC. It is necessary to pay attention to the requirements of operation specifications, but high-speed and high-precision industrial machinery needs to use medium and large PLC, and PM products have some functions of medium and large PLC and the characteristics of Small PLC

manager Zhang described the powerful functions of PM series products for us: first, PM series products mainly emphasize that high-efficiency electronic cams can reach 2048 points, and have the flexibility of PLC; Another feature is the interpretation and execution of G code, and continuous path processing. In the special NC machine tool industry, CNC controller is generally used for processing. At this time, if PM controller is used, it will show very high cost performance. It has been proved in many industries that the performance is commendable in places where ordinary PLC can not handle. It is also understood that a new member 10pm will be added to the PM product next year. 10pm can access 6 groups of high count, has hardware adjustable filters, 4 groups of differential high-speed output, and 4-point open pole high-speed output. It is mainly used in high-end applications with multiple groups of high-speed input and output, and its operation speed will be further strengthened to expand and improve the high-end application of delta small PLC

speaking of the promotion of PM series products, manager Zhang stressed: "we will first promote PM products in traditional advantageous industries, such as high-speed packaging in the packaging industry, skeletless multi-layer winding in the winding machine industry, multi axis robots in the gluing, dispensing and welding industries in the electronics industry." On the basis of the good results achieved last year, Delta has extended its tentacles to the special numerical control fields of three-axis interpolation and real-time downloading of G code this year, such as woodworking carving, glass carving and wire cutting, which were not the application industries of PLC before

changing roles and deepening product influence

in recent years, the performance of Zhongda Diantong PLC has maintained rapid growth and made remarkable achievements, Manager Zhang concluded: "From the perspective of product development, the performance of PLC products is constantly improving, and the series is also constantly improving, and other delta products supporting them are becoming more and more complete; from the perspective of dealers, the technical strength of dealers has been greatly improved, and most dealers have changed from trade type to system integration type; from the perspective of product application, the use of single products has changed to the use of integrated products, mainly from medium and low-end applications to high, medium and low-end applications; from In terms of customers, the main reason is that small and medium-sized customers are turning to large and medium-sized customers, and more and more industry leading customers are using delta products. " While fully understanding itself and the market, Delta has gradually deepened the market influence of PLC products through the transformation of its role

it is understood that in 2007, Delta PLC sold more than 100million yuan in Chinese Mainland. In this year, delta also realized that it was impossible to achieve long-term high-speed development solely on its own. That is, in this year, Delta will transform the training of dealer application engineers into a system for implementation. According to manager Zhang, up to this year, Delta has trained more than 400 engineers, who have also made great contributions to the rapid growth of delta

in the eyes of manager Zhang, the use of PLC is a culture, and the cultivation of this culture must be continued. Delta has begun to plan to invest in school enterprise cooperation on a large scale. Not long ago, after Nanjing Institute of engineering successfully held the opening ceremony of the first Delta Automation Laboratory, Delta will set up the same laboratory in major cities across the country. Through the cooperation with colleges and universities, the promotion of delta products will be more in-depth. At the same time, it also provides a variety of useful attempts for the school's scientific research and students' practice

the design of new products is closer to the needs of users

Delta dvp-plc products have become the focus of the industry at one fell swoop because of its higher execution, communication speed and large capacity of 16K steps than small PLCs in the industry. This product provides the most popular industrial communication formats in the market, Ethernet (Modbus TCP, ethernet/ip), DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, rs232/422/485. In addition to providing PLC communication modules, it also has various remote i/o and gateway for selection. More importantly, it combines Delta's full range of industrial automation products through a high-speed and stable industrial network to meet users' more convenient and simple application solutions. At the same time, in order to achieve industrial stable quality, the selected design components are all industrial specifications, and the design engineers conduct interference and environmental resistance tests for a single component, and the professional R & D engineers have conducted a complete system application test before leaving the factory

dvp-plc's design concept is to meet the usability of customers, and higher functions, simple operation, fast communication, enhanced security and international diversification of programming languages are also the direction that Delta PLC Department has been striving for. The dvp-es2 series products officially launched by Delta in June2009 are developed and designed based on this concept. Manager Zhang also introduced that this year, in addition to the dvp-es2 series PLC which has won high praise in the market, Delta has also launched a new programming software ispsoft which conforms to IEC standards to meet the syntax of international standard controllers. Currently, ladder and function block grammars can be provided. In the future, St, SFC and other programming grammars will be introduced in succession. It is understood that in 2010, Delta will launch dvp-ss2/sx2 high-function thin PLC and D to promote the key work to achieve the expected goal vp-10pm high-function motion controller and AH series medium-sized PLC

as Delta PLC products mainly composed of small and medium-sized PLCs, most of them are used in the industrial machinery industry, and the application level is closely related to the mechanical design level. Zhang Jing explained: "in a quite long period of time, the situation of winning by quantity will gradually develop into the simultaneous development of quality and quantity. With the strengthening of the state's attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, the proportion of high-speed and high-precision industrial machinery will become larger and larger, and the improvement of the degree of automation also drives the industrial requirements of PLC." He also pointed out that the industrial bus technology will be widely promoted in China's small and medium-sized PLC market, which is still in progress and needs strategic opportunities. In some fields, PLC and CNC will cross each other, just as the boundary between large PLC and DCS is becoming more and more blurred. More functions will replace the mechanical structure and flexible action, and the machinery will become simpler, easier to operate, more efficient and less waste of materials. The accurate grasp of the development trend of PLC market will also make Delta PLC products become the wind vane that the industry is looking forward to

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