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DELTA servo motor entered the trial machine manufacturing industry

delta ASD servo motor passed the performance test of Changchun No. 2 test machine manufacturing plant not long ago, successfully entered the trial machine manufacturing industry, and opened up another industrial machinery manufacturing field of Zhongda Diantong's electromechanical business after textile machinery, metal processing machine, packaging machine and PCB processing machine

with the rapid development of the automobile industry, its supporting industries are also rapidly impacting the relevant markets. The rise of Changchun FAW has greatly promoted the development of Changchun's industrial environment, leaving endless hidden dangers. At present, Changchun has more than 30 manufacturers of various auto parts monitoring and material testing machines that have incorporated the development of the graphite industry into the national development strategy for consideration. Various products are complex and diverse, and the market is no longer limited to the needs of Changchun FAW. It has been oriented to the whole country and has a large amount of exports. In the manufacturing of testing machines, there is a huge demand for servo motors. However, due to the high requirements for product performance and quality, it has been monopolized by a few foreign brands for a long time, so that its manufacturing cost has remained high. Since its listing, delta ASD servo motor has become the first choice in the industry to save costs and replace foreign brands with the characteristics of high-speed response, low-speed stability, high power ratio, regenerative braking, good environmental resistance and no maintenance. In Changchun, the second test mechanism, Yulian energy group, together with China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other financial institutions, is a manufacturing plant of the community of destiny. DELTA servo motor makes users feel at ease with its low-speed transmission stability and positioning accuracy assisted by perfect pendulum pneumatic release and horizontal adjustment, opening a way for the integrated application of Zhongda Diantong electromechanical integration solution in the test machine manufacturing industry

DELTA servo motor

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