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Delta products have been successfully applied to the mechanical automatic cutting machine of Taigang recently, the technical personnel of Zhongda Diantong have worked hard day and night for 4 days, and finally their efforts have paid off. They have successfully developed a new type of mechanical cutting machine of Taigang with high quality and high cost performance, which has made a major breakthrough in the cutting industry. At present, they are stably trying it out in Taigang machinery company

Taigang machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of "Alishan" brand adhesive tape machinery and packaging machinery. Its quality and after-sales service are deeply trusted and supported by large adhesive tape manufacturers at home and abroad in equipment manufacturing and sales

Taigang machinery hopes to achieve the effect of synchronous improvement of output and quality in the cutting machine system, and constantly pursue excellence, Therefore, the delta system integration scheme of ZTE was adopted: Delta human-machine interface (dopa57g13, manhole cover pressure fatigue testing machine features low noise, no oil pollution, flexible use means reliable STD) + Delta PLC (dvp-48eh00t) + delta frequency converter (VFD-M) (two) + Qingchun is one delta 750W low inertia servo used to recall, replacing the previous system scheme

the old system configuration of Taigang machinery has many deficiencies in terms of function. For example, it cannot operate in a single section, and there are only three modes of continuous operation. Before continuous operation, mode 1, mode 2 and mode 3 must be executed once respectively before continuous operation. However, Zhongda Diantong has developed a rigid program for the consumption demand of Taigang machinery. In terms of data processing, it uses indexing and over cycling to automatically address the parameter values of each mode, which meets the various needs of Taigang machinery. It can provide Taigang machinery with a complete set of economic, affordable and reliable system solutions, which fully demonstrates the advantages of Taida products

the successful cooperation between Taigang machinery and Zhongda fully demonstrates its trust in Zhongda. We believe that ZTE will continue to improve its own brand value, expand its market share, continue to provide customers with the most favorable services, and maximize the satisfaction of customers' expectations

ZTE is Delta Electronics, one of the world's top 500 IT enterprises. For a long time, it has been a world-class leading manufacturer in power management solutions, video products, roads and wireless transmission products. Since 1995, Delta Electronics has started to bring industrial automation products to the industry. With its strong strength and rich experience in power electronics and control technology, Delta's electromechanical automation products have quickly established a good reputation and reputation in the market. Delta Electronics has brought mechanical and electrical products such as PLC, servo control, frequency converter and HMI to industrial control automation, and has become the overall supporting capacity with a large increase. At present, it has ranked among the top in the Chinese market with foreign investors. Delta is also the pride of domestic brands

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