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Delta launched vtscada industrial configuration software to help promote the realization of digital intelligent manufacturing. In November, 2020, delta acquired trihedral Engineering Limited (hereinafter referred to as trihedral), a Canadian SCADA configuration and industrial IOT software company, to integrate the software and hardware advantages of both sides and deeply layout the rapidly growing fields of automation, artificial intelligence and big data analysis. A few days ago, delta announced that trihed's well-known industrial configuration software, VT, which has a good market prospect, also rose in all sub indexes! At present, the sea freight from Brazil to China is US $5.505/t, and SCADA is officially listed in the domestic market to help promote users in the domestic industrial field to realize digital manufacturing

vtscada has been outstanding in the application of intelligent manufacturing and other new markets in recent years. According to the current design specifications, the collection of Delta industrial automation software and hardware products will provide highly integrated, flexible and advanced solutions.

wangnaiquan, product development director of delta Zhongda Diantong industrial control system, said that with the in-depth growth of the digital trend, the collection, monitoring, analysis and management of data in the operation of enterprises are becoming more and more important. Vtscada is a well-known software that has been used in water/wastewater, oil and gas, energy and other fields for more than 30 years. The product has rich functions. After integration with Delta industrial automation products, it can greatly enhance Delta's ability to build intelligent solutions and provide innovation support for industrial customers to create intelligent factories

vtscada is a real-time, intuitive, fast and flexible upper computer monitoring software, which can monitor hundreds to millions of i/os on a single server, support the connection of more than 100 drivers, and provide a reliable, flexible and functional interface for creating the following items. Attention must be paid to highly customized industrial monitoring and control applications, which can be applied to systems of any scale

vtscada has complete configuration functions, including enterprise history database, redundancy synchronization redundancy, real-time alarm, trend analysis, etc. Vtscada can meet the real-time monitoring of cross plant and cross-border, and provide customers with a complete real-time monitoring and visual management scheme

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