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Delta UPS product description meeting was held grandly - Zhongda Shenyang made a good marriage recently, after careful preparation, the delta UPS product description meeting jointly organized by Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. and Shenyang sanding new electric appliance and Electronics Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shenyang Grand National Hotel. More than 30 system integrators, more than 10 power distributors, customers and industry stakeholders attended the meeting

at the product description meeting, Mr. jiangweishi, manager of Zhongda UPS product division, and Mr. xuhaixiong, manager of Liaoning District, first gave a brief and vivid description of delta UPS products distributed by Zhongda. Next, Mr. Li Yong, the business director of Zhongda in Northeast China, and Mr. Yinjing, the manager of Zhongda in Northeast China, also made a speech on the market strategy and channel strategy of Zhongda in Northeast China this year. 3 Replace the servo valve regularly. The two principals stressed that ZTE would continue to invest in product research and development and technical reserves, and rely on high-quality products to occupy the Northeast regional market; At the same time, ZTE will further integrate its product lines, improve its service system, increase investment in channel construction, and provide strong support to channel partners in the formulation of overall solutions and after-sales service assurance

in recent years, in order to improve the service quality, ZTE has taken many meticulous measures: it has adopted a flexible production system, arranged more than 400 sales and service engineers to be distributed in 34 branches and service points nationwide, and provided services anytime and anywhere to ensure that the fastest and most sincere services are delivered to customers

as a negative high-tech enterprise, Zhongda Diantong has been in line with the principle of "quality first, customer first", constantly improving the pre-sales, sales and after-sales services of UPS products, and taking zero defect products and efficient services as its ultimate goal. Therefore, delta UPS has won the trust of the majority of users in Northeast China. Its products are widely distributed in communication, banking, insurance, transportation and other industries, and its popularity is getting higher and higher

after listening carefully to the explanations and introductions of relevant directors of Zhongda to ensure the continuation, stability and healthy development of the plastic processing industry in 2015, the participants were moved by Zhongda's excellent products, good industry reputation and excellent services, and expressed great interest in Zhongda. Many representatives raised some questions, but after the careful answers of Zhongda colleagues, they sincerely applauded

from the beginning to the end, the delta UPS product description meeting always maintained an active and warm atmosphere. Many participants said that through this meeting, old customers have strengthened their trust in delta UPS, new customers have a deep understanding of delta UPS, and are confident to cooperate closely with Zhongda Diantong for mutual benefit, ushering in the bright future of the electronic universal testing machine produced by the mainstream domestic testing machine manufacturers of delta UPS in the historical opportunity of revitalizing northeast China

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