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Tianjiao's long main force pressed for positions, and Zhejiang bears were ready to fight back.

Tianjiao's long main force once again staged a soul stirring competition. Driven by the long main force pressing for positions, Tianjiao's main contract increased by more than 20% within one month. After continuous volume rise, the long and short differences intensified, and the market began to brew the momentum of short selling

after two consecutive trading days of trading limit, on May 27, affected by the decline in international oil prices, the main contract of Tianjiao 809 opened at 26890 yuan, soared to 27080 yuan, then plummeted to 25985 yuan, closed up slightly, and finally closed at 26325 yuan. 20596 positions were reduced throughout the day, with an outflow of more than 500 million yuan

on May 28, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao 809 fell by 205 yuan all over the world. After the volume rose, short sellers began to prepare to fight back, with 8236 positions increased and nearly 200million capital inflows. According to the data released by Shanghai Futures Exchange, on May 28, 3653 short positions in the top 20 positions of Shanghai Futures Exchange increased, while 2258 long positions in the top 20 positions increased. Zhejiang Yongan futures, which ranked first in short positions, increased its positions by 464 hands, and Shanghai JiuHeng, which ranked second, increased its positions by 890 hands

a futures person who did not want to be named said that Jude Dao, a Zhejiang tycoon who had been long before, recently changed to short, and as a result, he was constantly pushed by the main force of the bulls. The short Zhejiang tycoon was forced to purchase natural rubber on a large scale (250 kostron launched a number of innovative functional personal care polymer raw materials 40, -380.00, -1.49%, bar), ready for delivery and waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of the adjustment of international crude oil to fight back short positions

international crude oil soared

the bull main force frantically pressed for positions

taking advantage of the storm in Myanmar and the sharp rise in international crude oil prices, the Shanghai Rubber bull main force launched a frantic position pressing action within a month, and the bears retreated

this round of market began on April 28. The main contract of Shanghai Jiao 809 rose by 825 yuan on the same day, with 7640 positions increased, equivalent to an incremental capital of 150million yuan. From the first day of the launch of the market to May 28, the price of HuJiao rose all the way from 20755 yuan/ton to 26455 yuan/ton in one month, and the average price per ton rose by 5700 yuan, or more than 20%. The position of main contract of Shanghai Jiao 809 increased from less than 80000 hands to more than 110000 hands, the margin increased from about 1.6 billion yuan to about 2.8 billion yuan, and the inflow of funds exceeded 1billion yuan within a month

on May 19, the main bulls began to shake up their positions around 24885 yuan. The main contract of Tianjiao fell by 910 yuan all over the world, reducing their positions by more than 20000 hands and outflows more than 400million yuan. Then there was a sideways consolidation

on May 23, the main force of Tianjiao bulls entered a rapid lifting stage, rising 890 yuan throughout the day, increasing its position by 41374 yuan, and the inflow of funds exceeded 800million yuan on the same day; On May 24, Shanghai Jiaotong directly closed the daily limit. In the face of the step-by-step pressure from the bulls, the bears were forced to cut their positions out. However, the bears have been looking for opportunities to fight back

on May 27, the international crude oil price in New York fell sharply by $4.09. Shanghai Tianjiao kongfu closed its positions, and the closing funds of main contracts exceeded 500 million yuan, plummeting from the highest point of 27080 yuan to 25985 yuan. On May 28, bulls began to protect the market at the line of 25890 yuan, with an inflow of nearly 200million yuan. On May 30, the international oil price in New York fell below $130, the main contract of Shanghai Tianjiao fell by the limit, and the bears fought back, with more than 10million large orders reaching 29%

Huang Xiaoming, the general manager of Shanghai Tonglian futures brokerage company, which ranks eighth in the long position, revealed that the trading volume of Tianjiao has always ranked first in the exchange, but they have no right to interfere with the specific operation of this type of customers

yangguanping, chairman of Beijing Guantong futures brokerage Co., Ltd., revealed that Tianjiao has always been a relatively active variety in the futures market, which is easy to be manipulated by the main force. China is the world's largest consumer of natural rubber. Due to the limited inventory of Tianjiao and great consumer demand, the futures market often has a tight position

the rich in Zhejiang are forced to deliver

Tianjiao is ready to short kinetic energy

"at present, the import volume of Tianjiao is increasing, the price in the international market is much lower than the domestic price, the price of international crude oil is falling sharply, the price of Tianjiao is rising far beyond the fundamentals, and the short sellers led by Jude Dao are ready to fight back." Liuxiaohong, vice president of Guantong futures, said

May was a disaster for the short sellers of Tianjiao's main contract. This is another phenomenon of structural readjustment. In the face of the strong position squeeze of the bulls, Zhejiang tycoon Jude Dao had to buy natural rubber spot everywhere for delivery. "In the past, Jude road has been long. This time, Jude road suddenly turned short. As a result, it was targeted by long funds. Long funds began to take advantage of the Myanmar storm and the rise in international crude oil prices to launch a rapid position closing action. Jude road had to purchase spot goods on a large scale for delivery." A futures industry source close to Jude road said

Jude Dao is really known to the outside world because he is the first rich man in Zhejiang who bought a private plane. This farmer from Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province caused a sensation in the United States when he bought the "prime minister No. 1" private car in the United States. Jude Dao started with 5000 yuan. Now he has owned Hangzhou Daoyuan chemical fiber group, with an annual income of more than 10 billion yuan. Later, he foresaw the vicious competition in the chemical industry in advance, and the accumulated funds were not used to expand the scale, It is the transformation of international trade. The international trade of rubber, PTA and chemical products is his strength

"how easy it is to do in the futures market, how big it is to do in the air crash, how big it is to receive goods and pay for some storage costs, and shorting requires sending people out to purchase the spot. Whether the purchased spot can meet the standard is also a problem, which is very troublesome." Liuxiaohong, deputy general manager of Beijing Guantong futures, said that the funds in the futures market are generally stored in single-chip computers and scattered in many seats of futures companies to ensure the safety of funds in and out. It is difficult for anyone to say the specific time and price of Jude Dao's short selling, and how many short positions have been established in total

it is reported that Jude Dao is preparing to purchase about 200000 tons of natural rubber. Once the number of acquisitions reaches the target, Jude Dao can launch a big short attack in the Tianjiao futures market

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