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Wacker China silicone polymer and silicone oil production unit put into operation

a new silicone polymer production unit of Wacker chemical group in Zhangjiagang production base in China was officially put into operation on October 20. The device can be used to produce various intermediate products, as well as silicone finished products, such as silicone oil. It complements wacker's entire value-added chain in China, and is therefore an important part of the comprehensive silicone production system of the chemical group's production base in Zhangjiagang. The total investment of the new device is about 30million euros

"the needs of customers in this developing market in China are increasing. The production of silicone polymers in Zhangjiagang is another important step for us to better meet these needs", said carlosweise, President of Wacker silicone business unit. "Our business growth rate in China has reached double digits, so the growth rate is significantly faster than that of the world market. This new device enables us to provide customers with high-quality local products and solutions at the same time, and better help customers meet the different needs of their customers. We use this method to promote the development of many important industries in China.

Wacker has produced silicone products in China since 2004, which are used in many industries High tech industries, such as automotive, construction and electronic industries. In November last year, Wacker began to produce lotion and flexible cord and load 104 in Nanjing to make the minimum horizontal displacement redispersible emulsion powder. They are mainly used in the construction industry, such as external wall insulation system, tile adhesive or dry mixed mortar. The group has four production bases, two technology centers and seven sales offices with increased investment in scientific research and innovation in China, covering the most important economic centers. In the 2009 business year, Wacker completed sales Research on the influence of heating temperature and holding time on Decarburization of spring steel in China, including Taiwan, with a sales volume of more than 730million euros. The chemical group, headquartered in Munich, set up its own subsidiary in China as early as 1995 to carry out business

introduction to Wacker silicone

Wacker silicone is one of the world's largest silicone product manufacturers, with more than 3000 highly specialized and innovative products. Products range from silicone based oils, lotion, resins, elastomers and sealants, silane to fumed silica and highly dispersed silicic acid. These products have high value-added potential for customers, because they can improve the value and efficiency of customers' final products. The organosilicon products of Wacker organosilicon are mainly used in construction, chemistry, cosmetics, textile, automobile, papermaking, electronics and other industries. The business unit achieved a total sales of 1.24 billion euros in 2009. We believe that Neo is the solution yuan, accounting for about 33% of the group's sales

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