The hottest vsonic wesonico newgr07 low resistance

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Vsonic/wesonico new gr07 low impedance earphone usage evaluation

vsonic/wesonico new gr07 low impedance earphone in ear subwoofer sound insulation earplug

the new low impedance version of the new product launch is powerful in parsing excellent vocals. The following is a collection of the latest user comments for your choice and reference

the experience of buying this headset is as follows:

one month evaluation:

(1) how to say it? I can't wait to open the first ear as soon as it arrives. The sound quality of the first ear is not bad. The overall sound is very balanced and good.

(2) the sound is not good. The human voice is a little far away and the dental sound is a little heavy. Now let's listen to some improvement. The tri frequency balance is right. The low frequency is a little quality, and the quantity is not much. I feel it's OK. Compared with the price, what more bicycles do you need?

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to enter the detailed evaluation comments>

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low resistance version specification parameters of wesonico new gr07:

Product Name: vsonic/wesonico new gr0

warranty period: 12 months

compatible platform: androidwindows phoneios

package type: official standard configuration

whether it is controlled by wire: no

sensitivity: 108db/mw

manufacturer: wesonicus

impedance: 32 Ω

frequency response range: hz

color separation failure is inevitable class: dark night black industrial yellow magic blue

wearing method: in ear

earphone type: wired

with or without microphone: without microphone

earphone after-sales service Service: full and tensile test cannot be repeated. Guolianbao

plug diameter: 3.5mm

headphone plug type: L-Bend

headphone output sound source: Portable audio-visual

cable length: 1.3m

headphone type: ordinary headphones

brand: vsonic/vesonico

type number: new gr0

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