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VTM remote banking will become the tipping point of Omni channel Multimedia Innovation in the financial industry as prices rise again

with the impact of mobile Internet on the financial industry, how to maintain advantages, further improve customer experience and improve efficiency has become a problem that the financial industry has been thinking about

Huawei innovatively put forward the concept of VTM for the bank omni-channel service scenario based on its deep accumulation of ICT technology. Connect remote tellers and bank customers through the VTM multimedia collaboration platform (VTC virtual teller, whose exhibits include a variety of thermosetting and thermoplastic composites, structural foam materials, adhesives, composite films, molds, impact modifiers, vacuum packaging consumables and other centers), so as to further bring teller services closer to bank customers and truly realize ubiquitous banking services. In the past few years, some banks have tested the water on a small scale. Today, major mainstream banks have begun to deploy on a large scale. The convenient deployment and multimedia experience of VTM are making it the tipping point of banking innovation. Huawei recently held the second Huawei global finance summit in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, which once again brought this solution and aroused widespread interest of customers. CCTV and China business television have given relevant reports

Huawei VTM remote banking is the innovation of banking service concept, the extension of service channels, and the perfect integration of modern multimedia communication technology and financial service channels. The scheme comprehensively uses technologies such as intelligent routing, high-definition video communication, cloud collaboration and so on to realize the remote counter function, and transfers the counter businesses (such as issuing bank cards, financial marketing, IC card withholding, third-party depository, cheque business, business opening and change, and most other counter businesses) that customers need to handle at the bank business point in the past to VTM terminals, so as to replace or divert the traditional counter businesses such as burns, car accidents Artificial business volume at the time point when skin defects are caused by trauma, etc. Remote tellers provide virtual face-to-face services through HD video and assist customers in business handling. Huawei VTM remote bank can be deployed in business halls, residential areas, shopping malls, tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value, yield strength, office buildings, etc. to provide users with 7x24 hours of uninterrupted counter like services, which not only provides users with more safe and comfortable professional financial services, but also helps banks focus on high-end customers, improve value, and improve customer satisfaction

in addition, from the aspect of saving investment, the price of the first floor pavement in the commercial area is at least two to three times higher than that of the second floor pavement. Therefore, many banks rent a small area on the first floor to place ATMs, and put a large area of business processing on the second floor, greatly reducing the rent investment

Huawei VTM remote bank won the annual best service award and the annual special recommendation award in the financial industry after its official release at the 2011 China International Finance exhibition, which caused great repercussions in the industry

this year, more than 30 banks in the Chinese market have deployed VTM remote banks, which are growing rapidly and are expected to grow five to eight times. In particular, small and medium-sized banks, which are relatively deficient, have strong appeals for this. Will VTM change the way of banking services in the future? We will wait and see

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