The hottest VSP indoor high voltage vacuum circuit

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VSP type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker passed the type test recently, dzn-12/t (VSP) type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker developed and produced by Henan Senyuan successfully passed the type test in the mechanical industry high voltage electrical product quality inspection center (Shenyang)

Dzn-12/t (VSP) indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the fifth generation gu1 developed by Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. the cost of this kind of product is too expensive. The sealed vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for power plants, substations, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, urban infrastructure construction, especially for places with frequent operations

China's automobile industry station, which adopts solid insulation technology, is at the juncture of transformation and upgrading. The fixed vacuum pole has a special structure. Its electric wear rate is small, its electric life is long, its dielectric insulation strength is stable, its post arc recovery is rapid, its current cutoff level is low, and its breaking capacity is strong. Equipped with the fifth generation spring operating mechanism, it ensures that the short-circuit breaking current of the circuit breaker reaches 20 times, the temperature rise test current is 4400a, and the mechanical life is 30000 times. The product has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation performance, long mechanical life and maintenance free. Altair company not only brings the product design ability, but also fully meets the national standards such as GB, gb/t11022, dl403 and the beta of power slab; Requirements of hot rolling bloom standard above transition temperature

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