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Two new Volvo loaders and a concept car unveiled CONEXPO

two new Volvo loaders and a concept car unveiled conexpo-con/agg 2017

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on March, 2017, conexpo-con/agg 2017 was grandly opened in Las Vegas, with a total of 2500 exhibitors participating in the exhibition. As a giant in the international construction machinery industry, Volvo made its debut with 28 products, covering all types of equipment. Volvo's booth is divided into indoor and outdoor parts. The indoor exhibition area is the main exhibition area, and the outdoor exhibition area will carry out operation display and interactive games

at the exhibition, Volvo Construction Equipment exhibited a total of 28 equipment, including a new flagship product - the 50 ton wheel loader l350h, a new just in time service solution for the North American market (including 24-hour parts warranty) and disruptive concept equipment. Volvo Construction equipment thus conveys a confident attitude and shows its determination to break through the limits of traditional equipment design and technology and continue to explore and innovate

two new loading equipment of Volvo have been reinstalled.

the 50 ton Volvo l350h loader, the largest wheel loader of Volvo that debuted for the first time, is the flagship product of Volvo Construction equipment in conexpo-con/agg 2017. This new l350h is equipped with a new generation of hydraulic system and a Volvo Tier 4 final D16 engine, which can output high torque at low speed. In addition, the l350h is equipped with a bucket with a capacity of 7.3 cubic meters (9.5 cubic yards), which has unparalleled performance and is the best choice for large-scale quarrying operations

another dazzling product exhibited by Volvo in conexpo-con/agg 2017 is Volvo l260h loader, which is slightly smaller than l350h. This equipment weighs 34 tons and is designed for heavy-duty applications. It can be loaded with ordinary road trucks in two loads

in addition to the above two new products, Volvo also showed the hx2 automatic loader driven by battery. This second-generation concept equipment is part of the electrification field operation project, which aims to reduce carbon emissions by 95% and the total cost by 25%, so as to lead the products of quarrying into the pilot phase of reform

at conexpo-con/agg 2017, Volvo Construction Equipment announced its latest progress in electrification field operation research. This battery driven automatic loader prototype Jinan Shijin plastic bending tester equipment is part of the electric site project, which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 95% and the total cost by 25%. At the Volvo Construction Equipment Innovation Forum held last September, Volvo Construction equipment showed the first generation of HX prototype equipment (named HX1), focusing on the development of high-end high-quality steel, special steel and stainless steel. Since then, Volvo Construction equipment engineers have been carrying out research and development. The second-generation equipment is not much different from the first generation equipment in appearance, but the internal design is very different

"hx2 is quite different from HX1," said UWE m ü ller, chief project manager of Volvo Construction equipment electric site project. "HX1 is just a proof of concept machine. After we determined that the project was feasible, we updated the design requirements of hx2 and adopted the shared technologies and components of Volvo Group, such as electric motors, batteries and power electronic equipment. To make full use of the pioneering research and development achievements made by Volvo Group in the field of electric technology, it is very important to design a new set of power transmission system. Another new feature is the addition of visual system This enables the machine to detect people and obstacles that can meet the expanded functional requirements and customer business goals. "

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