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Volvo wheel loader molten steel plant high-temperature operations without stop

Volvo wheel loader molten steel plant high-temperature operations without stop

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fearing high temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius, several modified Volvo wheel loaders are operating in full swing at detlefhegemann molten steel plant in northern Germany

Bremen is located in the northwest of Germany, 60 kilometers south of the North Sea coast. The city is famous for its long history of commercial and industrial heritage. Bremen has a large port on the Bank of the Weser River, with an urban population of 3 million. It is the second largest city in northern Germany

The hegemann group was founded in Bremen in 1914 by Reiners, a company specializing in the construction of railway infrastructure. Hegemann group currently specializes in metal structure, engineering, environmental and technology driven construction business

Detlefhegemann Co., Ltd. has operated an iron and steel plant in Bremen for more than 30 years, mainly engaged in steel slag treatment and transportation of steel components. Steel slag is the waste produced in the process of steel production. During the production process, the molten steel with a temperature of 1200 ℃ flows into the slag tank with a capacity of 80 tons, and then the molten steel is transported to the cooling tank of the special truck for cooling within a certain period of time. After decomposition, the cooled slag will be sent to the separation system of hegemann to separate the residual metal in the waste

working under these harsh conditions requires powerful and professional equipment. Hegemann modified the l150g wheel loader with remote control of Volvo CE, so that it can operate under extreme temperature and working conditions. Hegemann has been using this model since October 2013. In the first few months of use, the equipment has been proved to have good reliability and durability. The hegemann steel plant is also equipped with two Volvo L350F wheel loaders and two wal China l180g wheel loaders, the world's largest rubber market

high temperature operation

Volvo l150g wheel loader with remote control is responsible for transporting molten steel to the storage area for cooling. Ordinary construction equipment can not withstand the ultra-high temperature of molten steel, so sweconbaumaschinen Co., Ltd., a Volvo Construction equipment dealer, modified the machine. In order to prevent damage from hot sparks and molten sputters, the plastic parts of this l150g wheel loader have been replaced with more suitable parts. The sensitive electronic equipment in the metal parts of the car body has been heat-resistant, and the position of the loader lift arm cylinder has also been adjusted -- deputy factory director, in order to achieve better fire prevention effect. In addition, hydraulic hoses and pipes are also equipped with protective steel plates and additional protective devices

the central lubrication system of the loader is fireproof, and the underbody and front and rear panels are coated with lithium grease, which can withstand high temperature. L150g wheel loader is equipped with bulletproof glass and reinforced with metal plates on the top of engine hood and cab. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with a fixed support drag chain. In case of failure, another wheel of gb/t 165 (2) 002 high density polyethylene wrapped wall structural pipe loader can drag the failed loader away through the fixed support drag chain to make it out of danger. Through the wireless remote control handle, the staff can operate the machine at a distance of up to 100 meters to avoid danger during operation. L150g wheel loaders are currently used in 25 large facilities in hegemanns to work together with a variety of Volvo Construction equipment of different specifications, from Volvo l40b wheel loaders to the largest L350F wheel loaders. L350F wheel loader foundation utilization: tensile strength and deformation rate, breaking force, 180 stripping, 90 stripping, and also equipped with anti-skid chains, which can easily cope with the harsh terrain in the steel plant. In addition, hegemanns is equipped with Volvo a25 articulated truck

"Volvo Construction Equipment's products are absolutely worth the money." Holgerlammers, plant manager, said, "the performance of the equipment is extremely reliable, and swecon's service is perfect."

Volvo Construction equipment in China

Volvo Construction equipment is the world's leading construction equipment manufacturer and a trusted partner in China. Over the past 180 years, Volvo Construction equipment has led the industrial transformation with its excellent quality, solid safety commitment, innovative technological achievements and constantly optimized customer service concept. Volvo Construction equipment has also fully invested its most advanced environmental protection solutions in cooperation with China to help the industry and China achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development

Volvo Construction equipment belongs to Volvo Group. So far, Volvo Construction equipment has built two production bases and one technology research and development center in China, and its products cover almost all fields of construction machinery - General equipment, pavement machinery and small equipment. The dealer network in all provinces and autonomous regions of China (except Tibet) enables the company to more effectively grasp the pulse of the market and meet customer needs. Volvo Construction equipment has more than 900 high-quality employees in China and is committed to achieving common growth through local talent development programs

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