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Volvo will no longer use disposable plastics in all offices by the end of next year. According to financialexpress station, Swedish luxury car manufacturer Volvo has announced in the past few decades that the company will remove disposable plastics from all offices, canteens and large events around the world by the end of 2019. The company said the decision reflected its active support for the United Nations campaign to clean the sea and highlighted its ambition to reduce its global environmental footprint

in a public statement, Volvo said: "we will replace more than 20million disposable plastic products, such as cups, food containers, tableware, etc., with sustainable substitutes, including biodegradable products made of paper, pulp and wood. This is equivalent to removing more than 500 plastic products per employee every year."

such a transformation will be realized step by step. By the end of 2018, disposable plastics will be removed from global events such as car launches and all Volvo offices and canteens in China, Belgium, the United States, Sweden and Malaysia

Lisa Emilia Svensson, director of the Marine Department of the United Nations Environment Programme, said: "The measures taken by the private sector will help mankind fight against plastic pollution and enhance the environmental awareness of all mankind. We can't wait to reach a binding legislative agreement. In the next 10 to 15 years, the global plastic production is expected to nearly double. If we don't make changes now, a large part of these plastics will be thrown into the sea. We are happy to see Volvo refuse to use disposable plastics. We are very happy to see it It has set an example after 16 years of development. "

Volvo also estimated that the activities in 2018 alone would result in more than 140 tons of disposable plastic products to reduce the maintenance and repair of buildings and be replaced by non plastic products. Stuart tmpra, head of Volvo's sustainability department, said: "plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental challenges we face today. We should take our responsibilities seriously. We must actively participate in helping solve this global problem."

Volvo also added that before taking measures against disposable plastics, the basic functions of universal experimental machines mostly refer to various basic functional characteristics of instruments and equipment and some utilization characteristics. The company has sponsored 300000 euros to the scientific project of Volvo round the wld yacht race. From 2018 to 2019, several sailboats will be equipped with sensors that can obtain marine health data in the world's most remote waters, including sensors that can obtain micro plastic level data. The sales money of Volvo V90 cross country Volvo Ocean Race limited edition will be used to sponsor the competition

in terms of operation, Volvo plans to build a climate friendly production business by 2025. In January this year, Volvo's engine plant in schaeffd, Sweden, became the first climate friendly plant

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