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Vonage video API supports seamless integration with bellface

translated by Lao Qin Ye

cti10 News on December 17 (compiled/Lao Qin): sales departments all over the world are conscientiously overcoming the obstacles of the influenza pandemic, which will cost more than 200 million yuan every year. The first is the loss of face-to-face communication. Companies of all forms and sizes are undergoing rapid and drastic changes, one of which is to maintain excellent customer participation

bellface selects the Vonage video API to support the video call solution of the sales system provider. Bellface solutions provide sales and support teams with user-friendly tools to maximize end results through consulting, reporting, and analysis

since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen that people are more and more interested in our solutions, because face-to-face meetings have become more and more challenging, and more and more companies have adopted remote work. By using the Vonage video API, bellface can provide users with a stable video call solution and customize it with sales related functions, said Yusaku Matsuda, general manager of SRE group

vonage video API enables a seamless sales experience from offline to, without downloading or installing any third-party software. The demand for effective business conference solutions continues to grow. Bellface pointed out that during the period from March to may 2020, it received more than 10000 inquiries from potential customers

providing effective sales and customer support is critical to business continuity. Although the epidemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation, many organizations are facing the challenge of adapting to this change. Vonage vice president said: Vonage can help them transform their business

video didn't kill Radiostar last year, but this pandemic is providing a stage for us to rethink the way we communicate and contact with customers. The cost problems restricting the development of carbon materials in the downstream of the industrial chain are gradually solved

how do you contact customers

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