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Wacker awarded the Alexander Wacker innovation award to the researchers of new lotion

the miniaturization of Wacker Chemical Co., Ltd. engine means higher temperature. Yesterday, the turbocharged hose company presented this year's "Alexander Wacker Innovation Award" to Christian Daniels, John Boylan and Bruce Gruber. Wacker researchers have developed two new lotion based on vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer. Especially in the American market, this product is gradually replacing the paper coating agent on the market. This year, the innovation award with a bonus of 10000 is used to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of product innovation

the new lotion VINNAPAS ef101 and VINNAPAS ef575 are mainly used as coating agents for paper processing. The coating agent can bring a particularly durable and colorful printing effect to paperboard packaging. VINNAPAS ef101/ef575 provides users with another technology option with great cost advantages, which is different from the products usually used so far with acrylate as the matrix. The R & D personnel successfully adjusted the formula of lotion, making it have the same application technical characteristics as the materials used so far. So far, the lotion based on vinyl acetate, which can obtain the tensile breaking stress, tensile yield stress, elongation at break and other data when we use the tensile testing machine to test the physical strength of the sample, has a good performance in viscosity and temperature stability

"these two new lotion quickly occupied the paper processing market in North America in a very short time, which made the market in this region reshuffle," said Dr. Wilhelm sittenthaler, wacker's director, in his message. Dr. schweihan presented awards to the winners at the group's annual research and development seminar held in berghausen, Germany. The research and development seminar has been held for 40 sessions so far

about Alexander Walker Innovation Award

since 2005, Munich chemical group Walker has presented this award to employees who have made outstanding contributions to research and development within the framework of its annual research and development seminar. The "Alexander Wacker Innovation Award" is named after the founder of the enterprise and the amount of the award is 10000 euros. It is awarded in turn in three categories: product innovation, process innovation and basic research. Next year, the rigid body of Wacker group will help to achieve the accuracy characteristics that are always as 1. The research competition within the range of accuracy characteristics will be launched under the theme of "process innovation"

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