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VX cad/cam software is used for the design of skiing equipment in Switzerland.

freestyle skiing is a skiing sport, which is characterized by encountering snow peaks, ice, trees and snow mounds all over the mountains in the process of skiing. Similarly, freestyle skiing requires complete functions, solid and wear-resistant, enough to cope with various conditions, such as platform jumping, walking, downhill skiing and smooth viewing. At the same time, it is also required to maintain comfort. Fritschi skiing Swiss company is a company specializing in the production of sightseeing skiing, alpine skiing, Telemark skiing and freestyle skiing. Recently introduced what is called the first pure freestyle skiing step - diamir freestyle step. It is the only kind of equipment that integrates mountaineering and skiing functions. It opens a new world to all possibilities for freestyle skiers

although fundamentally speaking, the lightweight diamir Freestyle Ski is characterized by a robust walking function. But it still meets the requirements of free skaters through design. After wearing fritschi's ski steps, he brings you light steps, the lightest weight and unparalleled flexibility. He allowed free skiers to jump off the platform on the newly covered snow layer and climb from the thick snow path to the thick snow slope

diamir free skiing uses high-tech materials and structures to push the jaws with the help of external forces, including the unique ski bar under the ski step, which can provide unlimited skiing flexibility. Special shock absorption measures can reduce the impulse in the vertical direction and improve the control during skiing in any case The ski pole can reach a certain length, which especially ensures the continuous release of pressure in any skiing state. Fritschi's patented technology and design idea is to minimize muscle tension in any of its products. However, it is not easy to achieve the high flexibility and fluency of diamir free ski step and other fritschi ski steps. It is particularly important that fritschi must use advanced free-form surface modeling technology in both CAD and cam when the tone of the product is determined. This is why this company turned to VX cad/cam software of VX company

"our inspiration comes from the infinite possibilities provided by VX free-form surfaces and guide angles." Said Martin Jordi, a manufacturing engineer at fritschi. "That was three years ago. Nowadays, Freestyle Ski stepping products are just one of fritschi's products that have been successfully developed by fully using VX cad/cam.

with a comprehensive solution from design to production integration, as well as composite modeling technology with advanced surfaces, VX was fortunate to be selected by fritschi to manufacture her high-tech products to meet the strict requirements of skiers for various functions and features.

fritschi's new products For example, Jordi is convinced that it is the cutting-edge of the company's products - the rapid release system. Its development and improvement began with the development of a flexible and lightning fast charger with a specific function machine weight of 70kg, and then fritschi modeling team completed the basic wireframe geometric modeling. Then VX 3D design is used to integrate functions and shapes into sketches

jordi said that the advanced free-form surface and guide angle of VX enable fritschi to design products with unique charm and fashionable style. On the other hand, VX integrated cam accelerates the process from product design to manufacturing. All 2D technical drawings are also made by VX

for the company's ski steps, frischi's products use the most advanced synthetic materials, nylon, resin polymers. "In fact, the biggest challenge in the whole process of design and production is to implement our design intention into production and process high-tech materials into ski treads with durable quality and excellent performance." Jordi said

compared with the most refined design geometry, in reality, the mechanical parts of skiing must obey different rules. In reality, it is very difficult to calculate the mechanical force on different parts of the ski step alone or as a whole

"Unlike almost any other products, ski treads follow a set of different principles. The result is that fritschi generally needs to use laser sintering or stacking methods to make 5 to 6 samples, and then select the final critical size from these experimental samples. In this process, fritschi uses VX to make test products, and can reliably output data to the rapid prototyping machine in STL and IGES file formats. Once the final sample is determined After that, CAD data is sent directly to the molding and milling process. Today, fritschi relies on VX to quickly generate processing steps for all products and easily form synthetic products

the result is high-performance sports equipment, which is durable, powerful and fashionable. The company's measurement and control system runs more stably (end)

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